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Primavera P6: Key Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

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Primavera P6 is a project, program, and portfolio management tool. P6 is helpful for planning, controlling, and accomplishing your assignment. Oracle Primavera P6 is outlined to manage large and small projects. It is outlined for various industries like IT, Construction, and energy. It also retains project management, scheduling, threat analysis, and possibility management with other famous software. Many institutes for Primavera-P6 Training in Noida help you to gain more knowledge about this particular course.

Here are the key features and advantages of using Primavera P6.

Features of Primavera P6 

Timelines-: A standard Gantt chart is helpful to organize tasks on a bar graph. A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that shows a project schedule time.

Risk Management-: This feature helps to identify, track and fix risks before they evolve a concern. 

Information Dashboard-: The dashboard is helpful to track the important project benchmark.

Reporting and Analytics-:  It has the ability to create a status report for stakeholders.

Resource Analysis and Allocation-: It helps to reallocate and keep track of resources when needed. The uses of resources can be closely monitored by project managers within Primavera P6. 

Calendar and Activity views-: This feature helps to view a project assignment over a calendar view.

Portfolio and Program Management-: It can manage multiple programs in a portfolio at once.

Contract Management-: This helps to manage multiple projects; we get information from the database quickly. Primavera also helps organizations to maintain command over numerous projects or programs.

Scheduling Alert-: It helps to keep the project on track by knowing its due date.

Advantages of Primavera P6 

  • It’s adjustable when it comes to managing lots of actions, with one platform that authorizes users to sequence, conduct, and monitor their job.
  • A flexible system allows teams to work at a similar time on the exact project across the organization.
  • Real-time details supply expressive data to deliver quickly, either on-demand or planned.
  • The dashboard qualifies users to operate a single project or even a portfolio, with prominent stretchability.
  • Primavera P6 combines with oracle and third-party products.
  • P6 is useful in many devices such as mobile and tablets for access anytime.
  • We can also work with P6 on windows.
  • The proportions of a project can be immense. Oracle P6 lets project managers damage large projects into smaller tasks and activities.
  • It also helps to schedule notes that can be made to the schedule in the software to ensure all users see the message.  

Disadvantages of Primavera P6

  • It is very expensive.
  • The complex interface of P6 consider as expired and not up to the creation and relief of benefit of its rival.
  • There is a sharp learning curve. Just opposite to the other tools that take nearly about 40 hours to learn with ease.
  • This tool is useful in Windows, which means it is not helpful for Mac users. The business running its whole industry on Apple Product cannot use this tool.
  • P6 is bulky for smaller and simpler projects, apparently curious only in the huge project sector.
  • Customer care support needs to be improved for those users who need support. There should be chat support also for better customer support.
  • It has a lack of portfolio mapping. Lack of mapping effects in managing portfolios even though the outcome does have some parts instantly targeting its demand. 


At last, I would like to state that Oracle Primavera P6 rapidly growing for its ability to plan, manage and control. Due to its popularity, many people are practicing the use of this software. Many institutes for Primavera-P6 Training Institute in Gurgaon help you to get more detail about this particular training course.

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