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Precautions for wearing pearls

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When wearing pearl jewelry, we also need to pay attention to some details to protect our jewelry.


  1. The pearl jewelry should be placed in the jewelry box when not being worn, and the dust, sweat or grease remaining on the surface of the pearl should be wiped off with a flannel before placing. At the time of purchase, general regular merchants will provide professional pearl wiping flannel, the surface is delicate and soft, will not hurt the pearl, and has a strong adsorption force, so you can’t use facial tissue or other rough fabrics, because the friction of some facial papers will Worn pearls.
  2. Avoid pulling: the pearl necklace should not be pulled when taking off and wearing it, just grab the bead chain buckle with your fingers. The button can be easily taken off according to the correct method of taking off and take off, do not use brute force. Usually store it flat, do not hang it upright, or shake it. Regularly check the tightness of the bead thread and buttons. If you find any signs of loosening, it is recommended to contact the dealer in advance to arrange for rethreading.
  3. Anti-acid and alkali oil: To maintain a bright color, pearls must avoid contact with acid and alkali chemicals, such as acid-alkaline soap, shower gel, perfume, qualitative spray, vinegar, lemon juice or other chemical solutions Wait. Pearls should be taken off before cooking. There are tiny pores on the surface of pearls, which may cause yellowing due to the adsorption of grease and oil fume.
  4. Waterproof washing: Pearl necklaces should not be washed directly with water or soaked for a long time, because directly washing the pearl necklace with water will easily cause the water vapor in the main thread in the bead hole to be difficult to volatilize, which may cause the bead thread to have signs of mildew or become fragile for a long time. Loosen, so you should remember to remove the pearls when you take a bath, hot springs, or swimming.
  5. Avoid exposure to the sun: Since pearls contain a certain amount of water, pearls should be placed in a cool place, try to avoid direct sunlight, or place them in a place that is too dry to avoid dehydration of pearls.


The above is the knowledge about the precautions for wearing pearls. If you are interested in pearl jewelry, you are welcome to buy high-quality and cheap wholesale jewelry on jewelrykg!

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