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Popularization of jewelry knowledge

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The beauty and firmness of a piece of jewelry depend on three aspects: first, the shape; Second, color collocation; The third is the Mosaic technology. Modeling and color matching belong to the category of artistic design, inlay craft is not only the element of beauty, but also involves the firmness of jewelry. The first is the claw insert. Claw jewel has the following advantages: one is the least covering of the gem, easy to change the style, wide range of application. Second, it is firm and flexible. Third, it can be set with large stones. The second one is hemming. It has the advantage of being stable and won’t scratch clothes. It can even cover up flaws in jewelry. The third is a card insert. Its style is very gorgeous but also accompanied by the stone easily loose shortcomings. So these are the three types of gemstone setting that we are going to introduce today. However, Jewelrykg, an overseas jewelry wholesaler, has all of them. The lack of quantity limit also makes more people feel the beauty of jewelry. If you‘re looking for wholesale jewelry, Jewelrykg is the way to go.

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