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Popularization of jewelry knowledge(2)

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Today, we bring the second part of the jewelry Mosaic technology sharing. The three processes mentioned last time are generally the processes of the main part of jewelry. But there are many jewelry designs that need to be inlaid regardless of the primary or secondary parts. Next, we quickly learn the rest of the process. Nail-setting is to use a tool to scoop out a few small nails at the edge of the metal insert to fix the gem. The downside is that it can't hold heavy jewelry. The second is an edge inlay. This is a very difficult process. It only uses the arrangement of stones or glue to hold the jewels in place. The third is a fly-edge. It is a combination of edge inlaying and nail inlaying technique. Fly-edge INLAYING is mainly used for group INlaying, mainly for the INlaying of faceted stones, which can maintain the original size and avoid the surrounding INlaying to cover the outer edge of the gem, causing the gemstone to become smaller. The next one is micro-inlay. It is a new technology and is mostly used in jewelry such as broken diamonds. Next, we have to mention aperture insertion. Due to the presence of the halo, the gemstone in the visual sense is much larger, and the circular halo itself also has a certain decorative. The inlaid method makes the appearance of jewelry not raised, feeling soft, smooth and simple. The disadvantage is that it does not highlight the fire color of the gem well. The last one is inlay, which is used in inlays with only a single large piece of jewelry.
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