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Popular NFT Projects You Need To Invest In 2022

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The NFTs are the new age tradable assets. Combining the fun and excitement of owning unique assets that are brag-worthy. And the real-world repercussions of reaping highly beneficial revenue that has been unprecedented and unmatched by any other of its same cadence. These NFTs have surged in popularity during 2021, raking in upwards of $41 billion in the world economy. With their numbers set to skyrocket in 2022, and for the foreseeable future.

Let’s look at what are NFTs, blockchain, how to invest in good NFTs, influential NFT projects from relevant NFT marketplaces, and the future of the sector.


Non-fungible tokens. Tokenized assets are non-fungible by definition. Tokens represent digital copies of real-life objects. Cryptocurrencies cannot be valued the same way as these assets. Therefore, they are a good investment opportunity. The NFTs are essential “code” in their purest form, and every time a transaction is made, people are investing and buying code on the blockchain.


Blockchain is an online ledger that keeps track of every asset transaction and ownership. Scammers and hackers cannot exploit them. This is possible due to the NFTs being developed on the blockchain that records the transactions in multiple systems spread throughout a specific region.

NFT marketplace

The marketplace is the place where the potential buyers and investors come to buy the NFTs. These spaces are also where the NFT creators come to list their projects on relevant NFT marketplaces. The main marketplaces are the primary and secondary, these further have sub-niches that extend to facilitate various uses.

Prominent NFT projects and sales

Digital art 

The highest-grossing NFT till date is “the merge” by the artist that goes by “Pak.” There have been many impromptu sales in the NFT realm that have taken off in the NFT realm like the highly successful cryptopunks by Larva Labs, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Crypto punks changed the game and revolutionized the way we view and invest in digital assets. Availability in copies, attributes, roadmap, utilities, and uniqueness of the project is how the rarity is gauged.


Many celebrities have also pierced into the NFT world with their own projects. Sports stars are one end of that spectrum. BeyondLife.club, Always first, Bollycoin are some of the platforms that have launched some of the most notable and successful celebrity NFT projects the Indian hemisphere has ever seen.

Influencers are the other unaddressed group of individuals that are making use of the NFTs. They have also deployed all the same working modules of the regular NFTs, but to their advantage, they have the upper hand of being familiar and having active participation in the social media platforms.


Games are also on the rise. Gaming NFTs are getting popular among the masses, especially during the lockdown. People view the revenue-generating aspects of the sector very beneficial on top of having fun with the interface. The gaming platforms in the NFT space integrate the “play to earn” module into their interface.

Music and art

The music and traditional artists are also finding their voice in the division as their medium and influence reaches more people, they have begun to take advantage of the aspect, by launching dedicated NFT marketplaces that provide exclusive music, and art NFTs.

Looking to the future

The sector is set to expand and host a plethora of new and old NFT enthusiasts. And successfully as its global dominance is becoming more prevalent and unparalleled. Start buying and investing in your NFTs today.

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