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Paul Favret Discusses Why Solar and Wind Power Matters

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Paul Favret

Renewable energy sources are now in the news more than ever owing to the rising concerns related to climate change. When the wind blows or the sun shines, wind turbines and solar panels are used to gather their energy to generate electricity, and subsequently power buildings, both residential and commercial. These renewable sources of energy helps in supporting communities without emitting the planet-heating gases that come from burning fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal. Paul Favret mentions that while entirely doing away with fossil fuels as sources of energy is not possible, people certainly should provide more focus on renewable options like solar and wind power. 

For people planning to support cleaning and renewable energy sources, exploring the options of solar power and wind power would be the most viable one. Wind energy and solar energy are profound accomplishments in the domain of engineering and environmental science, and have re-shaped how people source energy. 

Solar energy is derived from solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. There are solar photovoltaic devices present in the solar panels that are responsible for this conversion. When multiple solar panels are put together, they can produce enough electricity to power a home, business building or even larger communities. Solar panels can be installed on the roof of a building. However, not all roofs are qualified to get optimal sunlight. Smart planning, proper installation and ongoing maintenance of solar panels are important for enjoying solar powered electricity.  

On the other hand, wind energy is generated by wind turbines that look like the blades of a fan or propellers of a plane. But a wind turbine works in an exact opposite way when compared to a fan. Rather than using electricity to turn the blades of the fan, wind turbines makes use of wind to turn its blades, which subsequently spins a shaft connected to a generator in order to create electricity. Wind turbines range in size and can be installed with the aim of powering individual buildings or grouped together as a “wind farm” to produce bulk electricity for utility firms.

Today, human activities, including use of fossil fuels, are overloading the atmosphere with global warming emissions that act as a blanket for tapping heat. A good amount of such emissions come from coal and natural gas. The result of increasing global warming emissions is significant, ranging from stronger and more frequent storms to drought. Paul Favret mentions that in contrast, most renewable energy sources like wind and solar produce little to no global warming emissions. Even while including the life cycle of clean energy, such as their installation, operation, and decommissioning, the emissions are pretty minimal. Moreover, solar and wind energy also do not essentially need water as such to operate. They also do not strain supplies by competing with agriculture, drinking water, or other needs, or pollute water resources. On the other hand, coal mining and natural gas drilling may pollute sources of drinking water. 

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