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Online TEC Certificate Services in India

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TEC is the Indian authority when it comes to Certification for telecom products. TEC certification of a product can be obtained as voluntary product registration. TEC is the abbreviation for Telecommunication Engineering Center. TEC of (TEC) is the responsible authority for Certification for telecommunication products. From 1991 to 2018, TEC could be achieved as voluntary product registration. Still, after the regulation of essential requirements in telecommunication equipment since April 1, 2017, TEC has been Designated as a mandatory regulatory authority for the test and Certification of telecom equipment.

Our certificate services in India can help you get a TEC Certification for your products. We will supply all the necessary documents, perform the tests and submit them to TEC for approval. We also offer certification for Telecom Infrastructure equipment and software such as Wireless Networking Solutions and Mobile Telephony products. TEC helps you to get TEC Certificate for a product before reselling. The Indian government requires a specific common of telecom equipment for sale. TEC compliance can be achieved by third-party testing, which is also a great way to enter the Indian market.

Corpseed is a leading TEC Certificate Provider in India and foreign country. We offer TEC Certification and registration solutions for your telecom product manufactured in India or imported from abroad. We provide complete support in getting TEC Certification in India for any Telecom Equipment you want to sell, import, or use in India. Corpseed has been one of the leading Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC India) Registration Consultants for Telecom equipment’s in India for various Original Equipment Manufacturers, Telecommunication Service Providers Company and our clients.

TEC certification is a mandatory certification that every telecom equipment dealer has to get to import, manufacture and sell telecom equipment. We are a service provider of TEC Certificate for TEC Telecom equipment in India. Corpseed has a leading TEC Certificate Consultant Company Providing the Mandatory Product for TEC Certification Like Mobile, Power Bank, Air conditioners, Scanners, Mobile Chargers, Television, LED, Fan in Delhi, India & Other State.

TEC Certificate is a Telecommunication Engineering Center and Electronics and Communication Engineering branch deals with analog transmission, digital transmission, reception of video, voice and data, basic electronics, solid state devices, microprocessors, digital and analog communication, analog integrated circuits, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. It also deals with the manufacturing of electronic devices, circuits, and communications equipment like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits, microwaves, and fiber among others.

Legal address proof of the Manufacturing Unit

  1. Copy of Factory License mentioning the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and indicating the address of manufacturing unit – in English as well in original language

Trademark Details

  1. Copy of Trademark (Brand) Registration
  2. Authority Letter from Trademark owner, if manufacturing unit is not the owner of Trademark

Technical Details about the Product

  1. Sample(s) along with user manual and accessories to run the product
  2. Product name, Brand name and Model number
  3. Safety critical components list
  4. BoM (Bill of Material)
  5. PCB layout and circuit diagram of the product
  6. Mains power / SMPS Layout and circuit diagram
  7. Details of series models, if any – please refer the series guideline
  8. Copy of marking label
  9. OEM support to configure the product for functional testing, if required

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