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Music Travel: The Final Component To Music Education

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Learning how to hit all the right notes is key in music mastery. However, technical skill isn’t the only thing that turns a student of music into a certified virtuoso. Performance rests at the core of any musical career, and it is crucial for any aspiring instrumentalist to learn how to command a crowd.

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Think back to the best musical performances you have ever witnessed; the best play, concerto, or music festival you have ever attended. Why were they particularly memorable compared to others you had seen before? Is it because they had better instruments? Is it because they had a dramatic flair? Is it because the music’s performance was well-orchestrated?

The answer is simple: the best musical performances are those that have the most heart.

Go Beyond Textbook Education

As musical directors, you have various options to enrich your music travel program: enlist your students in an awesome parade or simply take them on a unique learning experience with a world-renowned musician. Peak Performance gives you the opportunity to create a well-rounded musical performance that will bolster anything they learn in the academy.

Take your students out of the studio and into the real world. An unlimited number of musical recitals is no match to performing live to a crowd for the very first time. Music travel can either be performative or educational in nature.

More Than Just Skill

The ability to engage a crowd and captivate them is a much better trait than sheer instrumental proficiency. Technical skill can only take your students so far. Having the experience of wowing a festival crowd or being a part of a massive Thanksgiving parade will help develop skills that aren’t learned in the classroom.

Performance trips are a fantastic way to develop a sense of professionalism in your students. Here they will learn how to socialize with other performers and impress under pressure. It’s never too early to have your students join the big leagues.

The Benefits Of Musical Travel

On top of hands-on student training, musical directors are often responsible for booking band trips, choir trips, and other musical performances within the country and around the world. But it’s not always easy. As a band director, you have most likely experienced at least one of the following:

  • Burnout from juggling too many responsibilities
  • Uncertainty about a specific location, event, or competition
  • Not knowing where to start with the logistics of booking your students
  • Difficulty finding the right balance between quality and budget
  • Unfamiliarity with certain musical cultures

Peak Performance is here to ease some stress off your shoulders and deliver music travel solutions that are fine-tuned for your students. Experience a hassle-free alternative to educational performing.

  • Create memorable experiences for your students
  • Reach new locations, both locally and internationally
  • Unique opportunity for traveling with peers
  • Travel the country and world meeting fellow musicians
  • Performance opportunities in the most coveted destinations and events
  • Meet and greet legendary musicians

How Students Can Benefit From Music Travel

Playing for their peers can make your students complacent. So what better way to encourage your students to play their hearts out than by giving them a tough crowd? Music travel serves as a great incentive to your proteges. Giving them a taste of world-class performance will make them want to step up their music skill.

 Music Trips = Unique Socialization

Spice up your student’s learning experience by giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, and share ideas with others during music travel. Whether it’s with fellow musicians, vetted professionals, or even fans, giving them a new social environment can do wonders for their confidence and personality. These unique social opportunities not only improve their musical ability but also foster their growth as individuals as they participate in different music cultures.

 Musical Education Made Fun

Variety is key to dynamic learning. In-between lectures and recitals, take your students out on a music travel education program. Make music history and theory more exciting by allowing them to have in-person access to key museums, festivals, and events around the world. Seeing the international music industry outside the academic lens is key to shaping their career as performers.

 Inspiration and Confidence

Most students of music don’t feel confident in their talent until they have the unique opportunity to perform in public. Music travel serves this purpose well. Doing a live show, joining a parade, and competing internationally are all great ways to solidify their identity as musicians. As they interact with seasoned professionals, they learn more about the music industry and pick up new tricks for shows.

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