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Mitsubishi ASX – Complete Specifications You Should Know

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Mitsubishi ASX

Renting a car is easy but exploring its features and assessing whether it can cater to your needs is challenging. You always need to have technical experience if you want to rent a car for your family or business trip. If you don’t have it, you better look for these details on online media like YouTube. We are here to uncover Mitsubishi ASX’s complete specifications for riders who are interested in renting this one out for their next drive. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Mitsubishi ASX Specifications:

You will always feel at home when hiring Mitsubishi ASX for a family trip. The spacious cabins and head-turning intrigue of this vehicle are matchless and have captured a dominant industry position. The compact SUV has room for your entire family members and more if you want to take luggage with you. Moreover, the latest tech and user-friendly features will enhance your driving experience further. Let us dive deep into its specifications and features for a better understanding.

1. General specifications:

To begin with, the general specifications of this car will give you a fair idea of what it possesses and what you need for your ride. Understanding its body type, seating capacity, and engine performance is enough to know what it has got under the hood. Business riders are often well-off with this vehicle as it is economical and stylish for an elevated driving experience.

Here are a few general specifications of this vehicle that you should know before renting it.

  • SUV body type
  • 5 seating capacity
  • 18-inch Alloy wheel size
  • 7.7 Liter/100 km fuel economy
  • 1998 cc engine size
  • CVT automatic transmission

Renting this vehicle could be your best take if you want to ignite an adventurous ride. Consider contacting monthly car lease Dubai companies if you’re going to rent this vehicle for your next weekend ride out!

2. Exterior design:

Mitsubishi ASX reflects your sense of style as you drive it along the highway. It has enough exterior aesthetic to ignite a head-turning intrigue in the pedestrians. The elegant chrome-accented ASX has everything you ever dreamed of in a perfect car for a family ride out. The distinctive looks are backed by its extravagant performance in the city and on the highway.

This vehicle’s sleek and sporty design combines with GSR highlights to provide you with a distinctive backed-out grille. The black mirrors, roof rails, and spoiler add to this vehicle’s aggressive looks, adding more charm to your ride. Here are a few features you should explore when assessing the exterior design.

  • Matching door handles
  • Electric door mirrors
  • LED Headlamps
  • Fog Lamps
  • Front bumper and grille
  • Privacy glass
  • Antenna
  • Daytime running lights

3. Interior design:

The branded interior of Mitsubishi ASX will make you feel like you are driving a luxury vehicle. You can take command of roads and city streets with a choice of manual or CVT automatic transmission. The urban-friendly engine in this vehicle provides excellent performance and powerful acceleration. The car is compact without compromise and gives you enough space to move.

Moreover, the car also has a change room, accessible with your car key. The spacious cargo area has a wide opening and low floor, which is feasible for carrying weights and luggage. Before renting this vehicle out, make sure you go through the following features.

  • Room to move
  • Change room
  • Control room
  • Invecs-III CVT
  • Warm indulgence
  • Complete connection
  • 8-inch touchscreen
  • Audio integration system
  • Sunroom
  • Media room

4. Comfort and convenience:

Mitsubishi ASX has a comfort level like no other vehicle, and you can feel at home when driving it. With the integration of the latest technology in the cabin, riders are well-off with this vehicle as all these amenities come at an affordable price.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable ride with your family, you have got no better option than this one! Consider contacting monthly car lease Dubai companies to rent this model out on easy terms and flexible prices! Here are the comfort and convenience features you should look for in this model.

  • The key type starting system
  • Keyless entry
  • Automatic climate control
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric windows
  • Interior mirror
  • Auto Headlamp
  • Cruise control
  • Sun visor
  • Tonneau cover

These features and the embedded technology intend to make your ride smooth and memorable. The industry is flooded with high-end vehicles, but this model won’t cost you as much as other luxury and exotic vehicles. Why not save some money and enjoy the same luxe in a controlled manner? Sounds great!

Enjoy a ride in your dream car today!

Riding your dream car has always been on your mind, and now is the time to live that thought. Car rental companies in the town provide you with exotic vehicles at affordable rates. Whether you want to rent it for a day or lease it for a month, the choice is yours! Consider contacting these companies and driving your dream car today!

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