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Every company at some point in its work has a need to get a logo, but no idea how to make one. It is possible to involve a designer, but you should be ready for serious expenses. Where to run and what to do if you feel sorry to spend a significant part of the budget on this task?

In this article, together with representatives of the logo generator Turbologo, we will learn what the generator is and why it is needed, how to create a logo using such a tool, and much more.

Read on, give it a try and you’re sure to have a great logo in no time.

Why is a logo important to your business?

If you want your business (product) to be memorable and stand out from the competition, it must have a logo. The marketplace has accustomed consumers to associate a product with some graphic image. It is very difficult to sell a car with the name “Car” and without a distinctive manufacturer’s logo.

On any well-known resource you can find a wonderful analysis of the logos of the world’s famous brands. Here are some key points of the most popular article, which may be useful to study when creating your logo with any online service:

  • 95% of the world’s top brands’ logos contain one or two colors;
  • 41% use a stylized and unique font as their logo;
  • 93% are very simple and easy to recognize even at a small size.

A few important rules for creating logos

Before you dive into working on your logo with online logo generators, we suggest you read a few tips for creating a logo.

  • Keep the logo simple

A simple logo is recognizable, versatile and easy to remember. The special thing about effective logos is that there is something unexpected and unique about them, without too much exaggeration.

  • The logo should be memorable

The principle of memorability is closely related to the principle of simplicity. An effective logo design should be memorable, so don’t overcomplicate it.

  • The logo should be forward-looking.

Its relevance must remain at least in the next few years.

  • The logo should be universal

An effective logo should be usable in all sorts of areas and applications.

  • The logo must be relevant

For example, a logo for a financial company would look strange in frivolous pink colors.

What is a logo generator and why is it needed?

Now it is time to start creating a logo with the online logo generator Turbologo, but first let’s find out what it is and why it is needed, and how this tool can help you.

The logo generator is a design tool that allows you to develop your logo in no time without wasting both money and time. In it, you can simply specify your company name, direction, motto, and purpose, and the tool itself will automatically provide you with a finished logo.

It’s a useful tool because of its simplicity, no waste, and saving you time and money.

The best online service for logo creation

Turbologo‘s online logo generator, which we’ll talk about below, is primarily a convenient, fast and economical way to get a logo. It’s an option for those who are starting a business from scratch and have the opportunity to experiment.

Turbologo is an online service that can create you a pretty good logo in a few minutes. Its main advantage over competitors – a large database of beautiful icons and advanced features in editing your logo. The generator interface is very simple. To understand how it works is not difficult.

You enter the name of the company, choose the field of activity, the slogan and the generator will give you hundreds of options for logo design.

The variant you choose can be edited. You can change the color of icons, text font, add a slogan, type of activity. In addition to the logo, you can also create a business card or come up with a company name.

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