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Little-known jewelry matching principles

by shuwenyu
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This article will share with you all kinds of jewelry wearing precautions, jewelry matching skills, I hope to give you some guidance and inspiration in the daily wearing and wearing of accessories!

1.Body shape principle

Choose jewelry according to your own physical characteristics, try to enhance your strengths and avoid weaknesses for yourself. If you are petite, it is suitable for some small and delicate jewelry, such as small K gold necklaces. If you are tall, you can choose some more weighty jewelry, such as large pearl necklace.

2.Season principle

Adjusted according to seasonal changes, the style of dressing is different in different seasons, and the matching of jewelry is naturally different. In autumn and winter, you can choose some gold and dark jewelry to wear, and in summer you can choose silver and bright-colored jewelry.

3.Dressing Principles

Match jewelry according to clothing. The texture, color and style of clothing can be different. It can be matched according to the style of clothing. For example, choose sweeter jewelry for dating, choose jewelry with its own aura at work, and attend occasions. Choose some more grand jewelry.

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