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Let Your Kid Learn This Skills In Kindergarten Malaysia

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Ouch, is it the right choice to send my baby to kindergarten? Don’t know if he has learned something? If this is the thought that pops into your head every time you send your child to kindergarten, then you have to read this flat article!

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Many families are concerned about their children’s academic abilities as they prepare for kindergarten Malaysia. However, social and emotional development as well as self-care are crucial for kindergarten readiness. For instance, does your youngster require assistance using the restroom? Learn about the various skills that children should possess before entering kindergarten.


Language proficiency


  • Speak in comprehensive sentences that most people can understand
  • Use words to convey your requirements and desires.
  • Recognize two-step instructions
  • Compare items and their relationships, such as big/small, under/over, and first/last


Preparedness for reading


  • Enjoy hearing stories.
  • Understand how to locate a book’s first page and which way to flip the pages
  • Recognize well-known symbols and markings, such as stop signs
  • Identify most of the letters in the alphabet as you recite it.
  • recognise their name and make an effort to write it
  • Recognize rhyming pairs of words (like cat and bat)
  • begin to link letters to letter sounds (like the sound of the first letter in their name)
  • Create a graphic to help you convey a thought


Math abilities

  • Count without skipping any numbers from 1 to 10.
  • A set of five or less objects should match a number (“I see three cats”)
  • identify and name fundamental shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle)
  • greater and lesser understanding
  • Put three items in the proper sequence (like from smallest to biggest)
  • Name or indicate each of the eight crayons in the box’s colour.


Self-care abilities


  • Use the restroom and do their own laundry
  • Put on clothes by themselves (but may still need help with buttons, zippers, and shoelaces)
  • Possess knowledge of their age, first and last name, and


Emotional and social intelligence

  • without becoming extremely agitated, separate from a parent or caretaker
  • interact with young children
  • Focus on a task that an adult is directing for at least five minutes, such as following activity instructions or talking about the weather during circle time.


Fine-motor abilities

  • Utilize a pencil or crayon with restraint.
  • Utilize scissors
  • basic shapes to copy
  • Write some actual letters and make clear marks that resemble letters, especially the letters in their name.
  • Assemble a straightforward puzzle


Large-motor abilities


  • Run
  • Leap with both feet at once.
  • Step with one foot.
  • Ascend stairs
  • Try to catch a ball as it bounces.


Ways to support your incoming kindergartener


Children acquire abilities at varying rates. It’s common for children to excel in some areas while struggling in others. Some jurisdictions employ kindergarten readiness assessments to identify which young children may require further support in certain areas.


Talk to your child’s preschool teacher and come up with a strategy to solve any problem areas if you’re worried that your child isn’t ready for kindergarten. You might also wish to consult the doctor who is treating your child. Find out the benefits and drawbacks of delaying kindergarten one year.


Take a look at these suggestions if your child is entering kindergarten to ensure a seamless transition. You might also be interested in seeing some videos that demonstrate what academic skills in kindergarten Malaysia look like in use.


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