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by Sam Dilan
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learn noorani qaida online

learn Noorani Qaida online is one of the sciences of the Qur’an that is used in learning the Arabic language, and how to pronounce them in a proper way and connect the letters together.

Then how the movements are connected with the letters, as is the learning of the places of stress and the reply, through the linguistic application with examples of the verses of the Holy Quran And the reason for naming that rule in Nooraniya is a return to its author.

Sheikh Nour Muhammad Hakani, and there is another name called, which is the name of the honorable light. The developed of the developed, and the reason behind its call to the developer.

A return to Sheikh Osama Al -Qari. So that it has become more advanced than before.

what is noorani qaida?

Noorani qaida book in english is known as one of the sciences related to the Noble Qur’an, and it was named by this name; In relation to its author, Sheikh Noor Muhammad Al-Haqqani.

And this method begins with knowing the number of letters of the alphabet, then knowing the characteristics of the letters with knowing the exits of the letters, and everything related to it in terms of definition and the place of the exit, and so on.

Then knowing the meaning of the letter and everything related to letters in terms of drawing, and similar letters And the reason for calling it that, then knowing the most important part of it. Which are the movements in the Arabic language.

The book Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah is a book on how to read the language with a focus on drawing the Qur’an; Because the purpose of it is to read the Qur’an and not just the language.

Then the author added some Quranic audio clips for some of the readers who read by investigating the cutting of letters and their clarification. Such as Al-Hussary and Abdul-Basit, which the author added in an easy and comfortable way for the ear.

Which helps the student to reach the degree of mastery, and accept learning the rule with sequential scientific steps.

how to learn Noorani Qaida Online?

Lesson One: The teacher teaches children the singular letters of spelling, by reading them to the students.

And then repeats them by means of a uniform rhythm, until they are firmly entrenched in the student’s mind, and the single letters, such as A, B, W, and others.

Second lesson: The teacher teaches the children the compound letters of the alphabet and tries to train them to pronounce them correctly, and those compound letters such as ba, h, and no, to other letters.

Lesson Three: The teacher then trains the children on the sliced letters, and teaches them. So that they do not pronounce them as words, and those letters such as Alam, Yes, R, and others.

The fourth lesson: The teacher begins to teach children the vowels and gives them examples of them, and those letters are the ones that are formed by the opening, the crusher, and the vibrio, such as x, x, x, and others.

Lesson Five: Then the teacher comes to teach the students the Mennonite letters. Which have a dragon, such as Ta, Ta, and Taa.

How to Read Learn Noorani Qaida?

The Noorani Qaida has many benefits, including the following:

1- Whoever learns in this way, will be able to read the Qur’an, by spelling, regardless of his age, unlike those. Who did not learn in that way and who find it difficult, especially if he is young.

And whoever learns by the light rule, can complete the Qur’an in a short period of time that does not exceed six months.

2- This rule is the easiest way to teach reading the Noble Qur’an, as well as memorizing it, for both beginners and beginners, without effort and in a short time.

This method enables the owner to pronounce the exits of the letters correctly, and also makes him give each letter his right and due.

3- It works to master all the provisions of intonation, and also works to teach those who learn these provisions how to apply them while reading the Holy Qur’an.

4- It helps to increase awareness and develop the awareness of the person who learns it and makes him more understanding, even at an early age.

5- This method helps to pronounce the letters of the alphabet in an ideal way, and learn it better than other methods. It also straightens the tongue in adults.

6- This method helps children to become attached to reading, especially the Qur’an.

Learn Noorani Qaida Online in English

Tips for learning the norani qaida Online:

1- Taking into account the order in the lessons of the light rule:

The main reason for the success of the light rule is the graded order of lessons from easy to hardest.

So if you want to make the most of the illuminating rule. You must take into account the order in the lessons. The light rule and not move from one lesson to the other until the child mastered the previous lesson completely.

2- Sincerity of intention to the face of Allah Almighty

There is no doubt that the success of the Muslim must be preceded a sincere intention the face of Allah.

So that Allah blesses him in his time and in his work, so before teaching children the light rule. We should save the intention and our goal should be to teach the child to read the Holy Quran.

3- A constant necessity to finish the light rule:

The Norse Rule is a method or method like other curricula in which the abilities of children differ as individual differences play a large role in determining the duration of the expected completion of the learning of the Noric rule.

As there are children who can finish learning the light rule in less than a year and there are others in a year exactly and there are more than a year.

The main factor here is child’s abilities and the speed with which is receptive to lessons of light rule.

4- The child should know the purpose of the lesson:

One of the very important things when teaching the light rule to children. That you should keep in mind is that the child knows the purpose of studying.

The learn noorani qaida online as well as the goal of each of the lessons of the light rule so that he understands, as well as teach the child that we are learning Arabic, which is the language of the Holy Quran.

And when the beginning of teaching the child any new lesson. I know the name of the lesson and its subject. For example (today’s lesson is the first lesson and its subject is the alphabet) or today’s lesson is.

(the second lesson – and its topic is about the movements of the movement of conquest, fracture, and annexation).

This increases the child’s awareness of the light rule and its lessons even when you ask him afterward about the movements he is fully aware of what the movements are.

5- Continuous stimulation:

The child always bored with studying or memorizing the readers so only magic cure or solution always to motivate child.

So that he can finish the tasks assigned to him or finish his lessons.

Hopefully, you will give me a special gift. Those and other methods of motivation help you and help the child to finish.

6- Naming and Supplication:

Before the beginning of each class and every lesson of the light rule. You always return to name Allah the Almighty.

So that He blesses you in time and blesses you in your child and can memorize and read. As prayer is one of the most important.

Things you should follow, may Allah the Almighty help you and bless your child with understanding and awareness.

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