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Knowing The Advantages Of Dry Lining

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There’s no denying that dry lining is the ideal solution if you want to obtain a high-quality yet cost-effective plastering job. But, that’s not all though because, besides its cost-effectiveness & efficiency, dry lining offers a wide range of benefits as well. 

Thus, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be sharing all the must-know advantages of dry lining. But, before that, we’re going to share some basics about dry lining. 

The Basics Of Dry Lining

According to a reliable service provider for GIB stopping in Auckland, most traditional plastering procedures utilize wet materials which are then applied to walls, smoothed out, and then allowed to dry. this is the process that is done by the professional teams. The drying process can take anywhere between three to seven days based on the weather conditions. 


To avoid such a long drying time, dry lining is used. It becomes very important to use the dry lining in order to save time and money. The process of dry lining replaces wet plaster with plasterboard which is fixed directly to a framework or wall, which holds the same in its place. The installation process is done quickly, has almost minimal drying time and the overall finish is superb.

Merits Of Dry Lining

Enhances Your Home Interior Insulation

When you’re opting for dry lining, you must know that a cavity is being created between the plasterboard and the wall. Such a cavity can be easily packed with insulating material to prevent any significant energy loss and thereby retain heat or cold in the winter or summer, respectively. Dry lining will also prevent condensation from happening. 

Different Choices For Dry Lining Boards

Dry lining plasterboards come in various flavors, such as acoustic panels if you want quiet & peace inside your home. It is really important to use plasterboards in the dry lining. These plasterboards minimize any reverberation and dampen the incoming outside noise. 

Some other examples include – foil-backed boards to reduce any odor seepage, fire boards to protect against fire breakouts, and aqua boards for bathrooms. 

Obtain Paint Ready Surfaces

You can use dry lining to reshape a ceiling, make the walls of your house smooth, or even partition a big room. Once you install the dry lining plasterboards, the joints between two plasterboards are taped and then the surface is sanded & lightly skimmed to make it paint-ready. 

Make All Wires & Pipes Disappear

The process of dry lining is very popular when it comes to office space creations or loft conversions/extensions. It is used very vastly and has a good advantage when it comes to different uses. Besides the finish & speed, the dry lining can also hide the underlying wires & plumbing pipes running across the walls. However, if there’s a requirement, then easy access to the wires/pipes can also be obtained. 


Hence, it can be easily concluded that dry lining offers far bigger advantages than current traditional plastering methods. So, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t use it. Lastly, for any further queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at any moment. 

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