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Know The Standard Procedure Of Selling Your Old Vehicle To Car Wrecking Services

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Are you looking forward to changing your old vehicle? If you own a vehicle that is over 5 to 7 years old, then getting used spare parts may never be easy. Old vehicles will also break down very often. Unexpected repairs are common. Why invest this amount of money in your old vehicle?

This is the best time to decide to hire the “Wellington wreckers” team. You can approach top-car scrapping services near your location.

Searching for reliable car wrecking services is not difficult. You can search for them online or approach vehicle dealer services. You just have to ensure you follow the standard procedure mentioned below.

The standard procedure to sell your vehicle to scrapping services

Search for free services

You are going to sell your old car. You can look around for free car removal services. If you are in contact with auto garage services, then you can approach them as well. Second-hand car dealers are also in touch with car removal services.

You just have to ensure that you select the services from your locality. This makes it easy for the team to get in touch with you.

Provide details for quotes

If you have the list of car removal services, then the next step should be to get free quotes. You may have to provide basic details about yourself and the vehicle. Any car removal service will offer an online form on their website.

You can directly provide your contact details including your email id. It is also advisable to provide snaps of the interiors and exteriors of the vehicle on the web portal. This makes it easy for the team to provide you with the most accurate quotation.

Check location

Once the basic information is provided, you may have to check with the location of the team. Some car removal services will operate in multiple locations. If your location is within their service zone, then you can request a free pick-up of the vehicle.

If the services are not provided in your area, then you may have to arrange for pickup services. This can be an expensive option. This is why you should only go with services that are located within your locality.


Once everything has been finalized, you have to get in touch with the customer service. You can collect the contact details from the website itself. You can also get in touch via email. All details you will usually find are listed on the website.


You can request the team to provide you with an agreement and offer. The team will usually provide the best rates depending on the condition of the vehicle. If the condition is good you can expect the best price. The team will always consider the interior and exterior conditions when providing you with the rates. Your car’s condition is crucial to determine if you should get a good amount of rates for this.

All document procedures will only be performed by the team. You can ask them for the ownership document in advance.

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