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Know Everything About Car Tyres

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Car Tyres

We all know how important a tyre is for a car. It offers the stability and performance that is required for a comfortable ride. Now to purchase a good quality tyre you need to know when to change the tyre. Then you can judge a tyre by categorising them according to your requirements. You might think my tyres are working perfectly fine then why should I change them. Let us know why.

When do I Need to Change my Tyre?

Changing a tyre is not a cheap task. The tyres ensure your safety and you do not want to put your life in danger just because you don’t want to put money into your tyres. Tyres are like investments. If you buy a good set of tyres and maintain them properly, they give you the best driving experience for a long time. It is good to keep a check on your tyre now and then and replace or repair them according to the requirement.


Knowing how old your tyre is gives you a notice about when your tyre needs a replacement. With proper maintenance, you can extend its life for more months. The manufacturers mention the week and years of production on the sidewall of the tyre. For instance, 65/20, means the tyre was manufactured in the 65th week of 2020. It is wrong of us to expect the tyre to live as long as a vehicle. It needs time to time replacement after it has served its time.

Badly Damaged Tyre

Most roads nowadays are irregular and filled with potholes. Reckless jumping over these potholes or speed bumps can damage the tyre. Therefore, ending the life of the tyre. Get a new Cheap Tyre Loughborough.

Cracks or Bruises

Tyre gets hardened due to standing for a longer duration causing tyre cracks. That is why tyres need rotation from time to time. The sidewall of the tyre sometimes has bubble-like patches. These are tyre bruises, they need to be looked at by a professional.

Uneven Wear

Uneven wear is when a section of a tyre is worn out differently than the rest of the tyre. The uneven tyre is usually caused by incorrect inflation. Too much or too less inflation can cause the tyre to wear out more from the centre or the edges.

Worn out Tyre

Because of the continuous rolling and rubbing against the surface, the tyres wear out with time. The minimum depth for a tread is 1.6mm. Depth below this can lead to an unfortunate event. If your tyre depth is below 1.6, get it replaced right away.

Unrepairable Flat

Having a flat tyre is very common. Everyone experiences this. Even something as small as a twig can penetrate the tyre causing air leakage. A puncture is still repairable but a flat tyre needs a replacement.

Irregular Size

We suggest never to interfere with the original size of the tyre. People choose larger tyres for more robust looks. But they put an impact on your vehicle. With this, you will end up replacing your tyres sooner than usual. It can affect the performance and stability of the vehicle.

What Can Cause Damage to the Tyre?

  • Inadaptable climate
  • Road conditions
  • Improper usage
  • Bad driving habit
  • Physical factors

How to Choose a Tyre?

A tyre should be suitable to your needs as well as your tyres. A misfit can end up giving you a poor driving experience and also cause an unfortunate incident. There are a few factors that one should consider before purchasing a new tyre.


The manufacturers mention the correct size of the tyre in the car manual to avoid any confusion. The sidewall of the tyre also has a sequence of letters and numbers written on them. This is the size of the tyre. It contains necessary specifications such as date of production, speed rating, application, load index, aspect ratio, diameter, construction etc.

Weather Condition

Tyre endure the temperature of the surrounding. Not all tyres can survive in cold or warm weather. That is why seasonal tyres offer you the solution. the seasonal tyre can survive in a particular weather condition. There are three kinds of tyres winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres.

Tread Pattern

We already know tread offers traction between the tyre and the surface. There are different tread designs in the market with different features. They are symmetric tread pattern, asymmetric tread pattern and directional tread pattern.

Rubber Material

Most tyre failures are caused due to poor rubber quality of tyres which leads to overheating. A quality rubber tyre resists the overheating and prevents the tyre blowouts.

We offer you a wide range of tyres at a reasonable price. The tyre needs to be in sync with your vehicle. That is why our operators can help you find the perfect match for your vehicle. We offer Goodyear Tyre Loughborough with different tread designs and quality rubber material.

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