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Is Norton Antivirus Owned by China? Is Norton stealing your data?

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norton from china?


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the question of whether or not Norton Antivirus is owned by China. A recent news article from the People’s Daily suggests that it is. It says that the government’s procurement agency deemed the two companies to be too risky, so it ruled out the use of those products. However, the paper also noted that five other Chinese antivirus vendors were approved. This raises a question: why are these security software vendors so risky? 

Which antivirus are banned by China?

In 2014, the Chinese government banned foreign antivirus software from its list of authorized suppliers. Symantec and Kaspersky were among the companies excluded. Instead, officials only approved five Chinese-based firms. In June 2014, China’s Ministry of Public Security notified the public of a security vulnerability in a Symantec product. This flaw included backdoors and vulnerabilities. In response, Norton dropped its products. 

According to the People’s Daily, a Chinese government procurement agency approved five companies and excluded Kaspersky and Symantec. Both are based in China. Those five companies have been chosen as the official antivirus vendor of the Chinese government. The company’s website reveals that it does not collect personal data from its customers. Its servers are in 31 countries, with none in Europe. That’s a good sign for the company.

While the company’s headquarters are in the United States, it is located in the heart of the Five Eyes Alliance. This makes the software more vulnerable to government surveillance. 

Is Norton tracking your data?

Although Norton doesn’t track data, the company’s no-logs policy means that it is not tracking any information about its users when they sign in to norton. And while this doesn’t make the company any less trustworthy, it does raise a few questions. 

As a matter of fact, other anti-virus software is made in other countries besides the US. The headquarters of Tencent are in Beijing, which is the largest software and internet provider in the world. Obviously, the country can’t be trusted with such data. Regardless of whether or not Norton is owned by China, no one should trust this company. The company’s no-logs policy is a good practice, but there’s no telling how many Chinese hackers Tencent employs. 

Does Norton have any connection with China?

If the company’s headquarters are in the US, it is unlikely that it has any connection to China. Regardless of the company’s origin, the company has a number of Chinese employees and a number of Chinese hackers. As a result, it’s difficult to trust a foreign-owned antivirus company. There are no known issues between the two. It’s possible that the US government has no plans to shut down Tencent. 

The company has recently entered a partnership with LifeLock to offer VPN services to customers in China. Its goal is to protect their users against cybercrime. In addition, the company’s partnership with LifeLock has allowed the company to offer VPN services to its customers. This way, the company has the ability to sell their products to Chinese customers. There are some downsides, however. In fact, a major concern is that Norton Antivirus may not be owned by China. 

Norton and LifeLock Partnership

The company’s partnership with LifeLock is a good sign. The company’s anti-malware service can protect users from malicious websites. The fact that it’s owned by China is not a factor in the security of the service. Moreover, the company’s customer support is available 24 hours a day. Its website is Chinese-owned. The Chinese government has a good reputation when it comes to cybersecurity. 


Despite the fact that Norton has partnered with LifeLock, its security service is still owned by China. Its website and customer support are based in Hong Kong. As such, it uses separate apps for different features. For example, it does not offer a VPN kill-switch on its other platforms. And it has an additional VPN feature for the US users. 


In the US, Norton Antivirus is a popular choice among consumers. Its free trial version is not available in the UK. The company claims that it will remove 99% of viruses from your computer. Furthermore, its free edition does not cost anything. The includes the latest updates.

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