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Information You Must Know if You’re Planning a Desert Safari in Doha, Qatar

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Don’t leave out a desert safari adventure if visiting Qatar is on your bucket list; it’s recognized as the best thing to do. Reading will be your savior if you don’t know what it is or want to know how to select the greatest Desert Safari in Doha, Qatar. This article is packed with helpful information that will help you understand why Qatar is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Middle East.


Be Flexible and Open-Minded

Try not to worry about the things you cannot control because every safari drive is different and thus unexpected. There are moments when you won’t see much, times when you will see a lot, times when the journey will take longer than you anticipate, and times when it will be more difficult than you expect.


What to Bring

When deciding what to bring, keep in mind that you’ll need to bring plenty of warm layers to wear when it gets chilly at night, as well as sun protection items like a hat, a couple of t-shirts, and lightweight long-sleeve shirts, and cozy shorts or pants for daytime. Since you’ll be in the sun for a significant portion of each day, don’t forget to carry sunscreen.


What is Included in a Desert Safari in Qatar?

For those who have never been on a Desert Safari in Doha, Qatar, it consists of a jeep drive through the ever-shifting dunes of the Qatari desert, a halt at the amazing inland bay known as Khor Al Adair, a camp stop where guests may have a BBQ, and camel rides. So, besides the Qatari camels, you won’t see much wildlife.


Inland Sea

Khor Al-Adaid is one of only three locations in the world where the desert and the sea meet, and it also serves as the natural boundary between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The “Inland Sea” is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site due to this rarity. To step foot on a gem of water nestled in a sea of golden sand, it takes a 2-hour journey south of Qatar, towards the border of Saudi Arabia, past Bedouin towns, herds of camels, and a few camps, and brave desert travelers from Qatar International. 

There is peace among the fauna, including cormorants, flamingos, desert foxes, tortoises, and oryx. Early in the morning will be the ideal time to spot them. The silky sand is covered in white seashells, and the beach is at its most beautiful during a whole moon night. No matter what time of the day you visit, there’s something to marvel at.


Camel Riding

Without an exquisite camel line moving over the desert in perfect harmony, it seems complicated to envisage the scene. The magic of the desert may be experienced while riding a camel across the dunes. People visiting Desert Safari in Doha, Qatar, are increasingly interested in camel riding.



Sand dunes may be found in many other Middle Eastern nations. However, Qatar’s dunes are unique. Why? Where else have you seen the border between the desert and the sea? The chain of dunes that meets the ocean can only be seen in a select few locations on Earth, including Namibia and Qatar. Contact Doha Adventure Tours & Safari if you want to experience a Desert Safari in Doha, Qatar.

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