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Important Thing You Can Do In Stardew Valley

by Ashish123
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Stardew Valley

Make cabbage and most importantly we have the legendary fix delete that I managed to successfully catch the crimson fish you’ll have to watch to find out all right let’s get started and your back with episode 10 of our perfection that says okay let’s check the. You can check more interesting Stardew valley guides on techparle.

A lot of them today again that that’s not a good thing whenever plates it’s gonna be a sunny day so what is the officiate brunette trying to get missing fish and obviously it’s not raining today so we won’t be getting the red snapper, unfortunately, let’s head over to the beach and then maybe we can catch the legendary as well.

Let’s see at hope the orangey guards are on my site today maybe the fish doesn’t move at all you know sometimes that happens what happens is that it has happened with me with the legendary fish that.

It’s a little of that’s kind of that kind of ruined my plans a bit we’re not good efficiencies. Let me go get a Super cucumber real quick and just Chuck it in the suit I had everything planned out I was gonna catch old fish but in the end, the game had other plans for us and the robins upgrading our barn. You can also check some coll names for your Stardew valley game profile on hindstatus.

Congo by animals

Obviously, we Congo by animals because my knee is not going to be there. Let’s head over to the low. Who what how do you see it Lalu well who knows it’s impossible. It’s like when people try to pronounce mine.

I feel your pain low low low low. We really did nothing productive today I could have chopped some wood but you know what it is that skills. And I’m gonna throw in my super cucumber I think this gives you the best. You go. At that let’s see what the mayor has to say.

Look sharp at the governor’s freeze annual visit if you wrote something for the potluck make sure to add it to this folder. What a lovely occasion I am not trying to speak to you sorry yes let’s start we could have put a red mushroom in their disobeyed everybody hates us.

But it’s fine I need friendship I’m not very good at making friends in the game already I don’t have time for this. Of course, I’ve been looking forward to this whole year now go eat it am gonna love it. Or he loves it.

Oh my, that’s the best suit but everything the guys we did it. We did it I knew the super cucumber was gonna do the thing a golden super cucumber this ship was out of the world time to handle and we wasted the entire day I mean you’ll have a look over here.

Okay, our tomatoes are done yes now we only need the out and then we need that our blueberries it’s weekly run over there to the traveling Carly AT and then we can go to the beach and catch a self octopus and the legendary fish for summer we can these guys I promise it will catch the French origin experience is always nice. We didn’t get hard with yesterday yeah.

Garden red cabbage seeds

I only buy it. We. Yes. I have garden red cabbage seeds this goes head over to Willie the whole area okay we’re gonna buy plenty of. I accidentally bought 200 bait.

Do that was not what I want to do but sure we do not have very good luck they simply will not be signing in the chest and if they do they probably just gonna contain that bait but not like they need any dates because I bought it 200 by accident.

I better get out there to get it off the post today this bake it and make this torture and I’ve been trying for 12. I only have like 2:00 hours with the cash to put. Yes. What was he doing at okay that’s a bit crazy isn’t it how many tries it will take to get the fish I am not next.

We should probably be gonna redeem Ron I know what you guys are made B. as should I could even English man hello it is in Auckland. Is this gonna be an octopus that is not an octopus you know my name yet I feel like this is not what am I doing dear or deer it was so close to man.

Oh my goodness, please. Lease. Well, you know what. You want to cry. It’s so cool. It is kept jumping it is stopped. Did it well this is. Ladies’ night on does whatever you’re doing right now.

You can stop doing that we’ve talked about so much every time it is super close to being done the fish goes crazy. Yeah. Revisit this game no one can come close it was I’m a pro sorry value player that was definitely not good R. G..

It was all skills let’s go plant a red cabbage yes this is a very good day we got a reg cabbage cheats the legendary fish itself, you guys. Because you guys are watching you play this game.

Streamer Youtuber

The games like you know what will give you some extra streamer Youtuber look maybe this episode we can go like try and do the monster vacation girl. For dust mites. Yes perfect. I need the lightning rods actually. Was perfect and it may be a stormy day guys. 4 of them and. I am.

You go get a hard look real quick I’m gonna just go place. Please by the train station I know we said we’re going to make a tree farming place by the desert but what’s really becoming a problem right now is trying to pick up the damn chair thinks it’s done yes. Okay. Full of damage done. No place it. Right over here.

Now for no no no no no no I forgot to mention after my brain is all over the place not that it’s anything you’ll write please for the love that’s all good and I don’t know even what disabled please alright stoppers the court to look yeah I don’t have time for you I read and I need to rest up the study get me even I haven’t even seen Oct was. Yes, we were red snapper we are done over here with these gold plan trees real quick we settled here.

Mind seeds

Are you kidding me I wonder if the training in his mind seeds of hope neighborhood you very sad there you go? Trees planted. Operator, back we have to keep so many things. Okay.

I was almost like why are my blueberries not doing what is this. And we’re probably going to gain 8 I am a little from this ticket. Not every single one of you guys you can go complete a few bundles actually extra exciting right literally hardly and animals for our Barney.

With this weight and not eat hop what I’m pretty sure I don’t know the. My animal. Money’s not open yet. This is checked with the lady who has to sell today do we need to keep it. That is the question yes we do need.

I think we actually need a cockle such a good word I don’t know you can complete another bundle. Thank you, ladies, can you go this way from hard regard, and then we’re probably gonna go to mining get more stuff is I don’t even see he’s destroyed he will keep what was that. The Senate.

I needed to go and the cop put a bully yes there you go. Great name. We completed a fine deal yes I sprinkler you know it’s not great but it’s also not the way. Now we just need an apple and some jelly we can make jelly now actually. All of our way. Is it the ocean?

For some reason we don’t have a 17 I don’t know why we haven’t really sold us I mean I don’t know why we have 3 would last or not. Let’s bring their charter can you not block me. I didn’t know I don’t.

The resources we really need

Please know you can go back to the mine and get the resources we really need. We have an what is it kind of does price. It is quiet. We need to let’s go get it can you do this you feel ready. Sure. I don’t really think I needed that Gadea trash so that’s the man. Sign for us to just go home I feel like it is.

How much money we made everyone live to leave farming we can make tanks. Not that we really have anything to make cakes with we have no way to 20 K. not bad at all.

Anything else ready only got some popcorn ready become more blueberries ready to sell this and just head right over to the. The ocean whatever. Hopefully, we can catch the market today. Okay, octopus I know you can do this.

Prince Matic shard

You are not an octopus I’m getting super annoyed right now yes not. It’s like trying to get prince Matic shard I feel like getting it because my charger is easier than trying to get in Oct as opposed to catching.

Okay, what’s the catch was made me so mad that my English is done. It’s dry now it’s finished. We have one more is left to reading in octopus I’m gonna leave just be on Oct was.

That is not an octopus so annoyed right now oh my goodness how many days are we to try and try and catch not to push and not get a darn octopus this is all your fault PT. Take the seaweed.

Your gross it’s all their fault it’s all the town’s people’s fault they pollute the ocean we see I cannot believe this how to get some hardware. No sleet.

Yes, that’s right Mr slimes get back into oblivion so angry I’ll take it out on this time how dare you don’t give me an octopus yes would. At least you won’t disappoint me late. But if I see something you.

Thank goodness the streets over here and eat the fish and this gets more what’s next episode we’ll definitely be completing the book bundle. It’s going to be a thing and we’re also going to upgrade our our garden to a deluxe pardon just watch it happen to see I already almost half the 200 with we’re getting there.


I let me quickly make some way. Like many of us, we can make it more and that’s probably enough right. I hope. There we go. That’s it thank you. 21 yes I think we can complete the book bundle next episode you guys better be here for that.

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