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How You Can Generate Divorce Listing Leads

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Divorce leads

Divorce rates have been increasing across the world for years and splitting the property can be extremely difficult for the two parties. Hence, no matter where you practice real estate, you will have a market to offer your services and collaborate with divorcing couples.

The best way to find real estate divorce leads is by deploying the same tactics as every other real estate agent. You can use advertising, social media, email, etc. As long as it promotes your brand you can utilize it. Divorce real estate leads are not hard to find especially if you reside in the US where 40-50% of couples call it quits. You can observe your competitors on how they approach their clients and see if you can emulate the same strategy.

Another great option is expanding your popularity through word of mouth. If you work with divorce clients and impress them with your work, they can refer other friends or potential clients of your services and facilitate your career in the process. It is best to mention that one should not treat divorcing couples as objects but as emotional human beings. This will enable you to showcase your skills while remaining as sensitive to the process as possible. Once you make the sale and split the profit among both your clients. You will have a pathway to gain more divorce leads.

Skills and qualities can also help you be approachable to potential clients. The trick is to ensure neither party communicates directly with one another except through you. Every offer, release, and closing has to be done separately. If you can make this your niche, you can establish your career as an experienced divorce listing real estate agent.

You can also work online and see if there are divorcing clients searching for an agent. You can connect with them and showcase your credentials as evidence of your skills and expertise.

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