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How to Study Chemistry Effectively?

by Falak Arya
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Chemistry formulas

Chemistry is supposed to be one of the most complicated subjects for science students. Chemistry can be challenging to learn, especially if you do not follow the right approach to study this subject. There are no secrets or shortcuts to help you master chemistry overnight, but learning the right way can make it easier. Once you know the best way to spend your study time, you will be able to understand the concept better.

Best Tips to Learn Chemistry

1. Before Going to class, Review the study material

The best way to learn chemistry is to go through and read the study material presented in the previous class. This learning method is sometimes referred to as “reversed classroom,” and there is a growing trend in schools and universities worldwide to teach many subjects. If you have already introduced the topic at your own pace before going to the lecture, you can use your lecture time more productively to solidify and practice these concepts. The more you listen and practice the material (question sets, classes, sections, study time, etc.), the easier it will be for you.

2. Understand the concept, Do not Try to memorize

Like any science, chemistry has a lot of new information to learn and remember. A lot of further information comes out as soon as you start studying chemistry. So if you get bogged down trying to memorize all the concepts, you’ll get stuck. First, focus on understanding the essential ideas. Once you have a good foundation on your basics, you can take the time to remember the details. Plus, mastering the basics of chemistry and understanding the concepts makes it much easier to memorize other things.

3. Study Effectively, Don’t try to mug up at once

One of the first steps in coming up with an effective study strategy is to evaluate what – all the things you are doing to study – helps you the most. What gave you more confidence? If there are some things you’re already comfortable with, you’ll probably spend less time reviewing these topics and give more time on concepts that are still hard. 

Take some time to evaluate where you are facing difficulty in the exam. When you retake the Chemistry Mock Test, try to solve all the missed problems.

If you can start identifying where/how you are having difficulty in the exam, you can think about how you can make the most of your study time in preparation for the next exam.

4. Always ask questions from yourself about concepts, formulas, and reactions

As you learn a new recipe, ask yourself questions to understand the idea. Memorizing formulas won’t help you apply them properly in the lab or during testing. Ask the following questions when learning a new procedure:

  1. What are the variables means, and what are their values are?
  2. How and where should apply this formula?

5. Take advantage of lab periods

Lab Classes has been created to expose and guide you through critical chemical concepts and phenomena. Make sure you apply the basics of each module before the following experiment. An excellent way to see if you’re using concepts rather than memorizing them is to check if you can explain why you take on a problem every step of the way. Also, be sure to complete any additional lab experiments given in the Class.

6. Choose your study material wisely

Choosing the suitable study material is very important. There is a lot of study material available in the market. Many books and Ncert solutions for class 12 chemistry are available that claim they are the best. But Choosing the suitable study material is an essential step in your CBSE Board Preparation or competitive exams like JEE Mains or NEET Preparation. You can take help from NCERT Solution for Chemistry prepared by Physics Wallah.

 7. Prepare well notes

Attending class regularly and paying attention to the course is equally important but not sufficient. As you study chemistry, it is crucial to have clear intelligible notes toyour understanding of the concepts. Taking notes is especially important for studying chemistry for the following reasons.

Taking notes also forces you to write letters. The formulas and equations will introduce to you as you learn chemistry will make them much easier to remember and understand.

Taking good notes and then revising these notes will help you identify what you do and don’t understand.

Make separate notes for Chemistry formulas, reactions, and diagrams

Make sure your messages are organized. Taking structured notes will help you review lectures effectively and prepare for the exam.


Even for these top students sometimes there is a problem how to study chemistry. As we know, there are huge complications in this. And when you’re not interested in it, it can be a big problem for you..So what are you waiting for students, just follow these helpful tips and get the grades you want! These tips will definitely help you to achieve your goal..

For other subjects, you can take help from Ncert solution and prepare for board exams under the guidance of Physics Wallah’s best study resources. Our NCERT Solutions aims to help students prepare for board exams by clearing concepts in all subjects and scoring the highest marks.

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