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How to Set Up a Creative Photography Business

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Photography is very popular these days. This is partly due to the availability of high quality equipment that can be purchased through the large used market. But also because more people are moving away from the 9-5 job to live a more flexible, self-employed lifestyle.

Find your specialty

If you’re already a professional photographer or hobbyist and are considering starting a business, it is likely that you already have some thoughts.

If you don’t know what your main genre is, choose one or more. While you don’t have to choose one, you do need to focus on at least one. What are your passions? What are your unique selling points?

Make a plan

Although you may not consider it a priority right now, a plan can help you set goals for the future. You will lose sight of your goals later on if you don’t plan ahead.

A plan should include details about your business, expenses, and a plan to make your business profitable. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A clear, concise and two-sided document will be easier to refer to later.

Get ready to take photos

Camera equipment is an important investment in your business. It’s crucial that you choose high-quality, reliable equipment that you can feel confident using.

Two cameras should be included in a starting kit, such as a good quality DSLR and a backup DSLR, and a variety of lenses. This will depend on what your specialism is.

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