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How to Protect Your Outdoor Gear from the Weather

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As a fan of outdoor adventures, you know that the right gear will keep you safe and secure. The right supplies and gear will depend on what you want to do. Campers and hikers often carry sleeping bags that keep them warm in freezing temperatures and cool on hot nights, but they may also use lightweight tents that won’t weigh them down. If you love the water, you might invest in a kayak or canoe that you strap to the top of your car before taking off. No matter what type of outdoor gear you have, you need to know how to protect it from all types of weather conditions.

Use a Pill Bottle

While you can easily start a fire when you have access to a campfire ring and lighter fluid, do you feel as confident in your skills when camping or hiking in the snow? A pill bottle is a handy tool to keep your fire supplies safe from the elements. Will McGough of Backpacker Magazine recommends that you coat cotton balls in petroleum jelly and keep them tucked in an old pill bottle. As long as you have a spark from a match or a hatchet, the cotton balls help you start a fire. You can even keep the pill bottle full for your next trip.

Rely on Airtight Bags

Airtight bags have more uses than just keeping leftovers safe in your fridge. They’re also a must-have for your outdoor gear. Whether you plan on camping in the middle of a rainstorm or want to hike in the snow, use an airtight bag for anything you don’t want to get wet. You might place your phone in one bag to make sure you can call for help when you need it and use another one to keep extra clothing dry.

Escape the Heat

Weather conditions include both snow and rain but may also refer to the blistering heat you experience on some days. A lightweight tent lets you escape the heat and take a break from the sun. You can set up your tent right off the trail to make sure you don’t get lost. As sunlight can damage some of your outdoor gear, consider investing in a few custom tarps. You get to choose the exact size that you need for things you want to keep safe on your adventures and store at home.

Pick the Right Spot

When you’re tired after a long day of having fun, you might feel tempted to set up camp in the first spot you see. This can damage both your tent and any other outdoor gear that you take as well as ruin your whole trip. You need to make sure that you pick a location that is away from standing water. This ensures that you don’t wake up to find water seeping into your tent and bugs flying around your food. Make sure that there aren’t any rocks that can scrape the bottom of your kayak or branches that can rip your tent.

Store Your Gear Properly

Despite how much you love outdoor activities, there will probably come a point where you need to put your gear away for the season. Never put away your supplies as soon as you get home. Any water or moisture can cause mildew and even allow mold to form. Make sure that anything you store is dry. It’s also helpful to clean your gear and look for damage, which lets you know which items you need to replace before your next trip. If you don’t have enough room in your home or garage for that gear, consider renting a storage unit. Storage units come in small sizes that are just big enough for your camping gear and larger units that can store multiple canoes.

Avoid Weather Damage

Anyone who loves spending time outside knows that weather can rear its ugly head at any given moment. It’s easy for a bright and sunny day to suddenly become cold and windy when a storm rolls through. Rain, snow, and other weather conditions can do a lot of damage to all of your gear, too. Use these tips to protect your outdoor gear from the weather when you store it at home or use it on an upcoming trip.


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