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How to obtain a Trusted Telecom Approval as a TSP?

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Trusted Telecom Approval

To ensure that all the telecommunication services in India are top-notch, and take care of national security directives, the government of India introduced Trusted Telecom Approval. As a Telecom Service Provider, you are, therefore, required to purchase telecom equipment from only those vendors that are part of the trusted list.

It seems like the pain of India’s telecom sector won’t go away. First, it was the Adjusted Gross Revenue. And now, it is the Trusted Approval In Telecom that is causing issues for the service providers.

Advertised as a way to ensure that India’s national security remains intact, the Trusted Telecom Approval has become a mandatory requirement for all Telecom Service Providers.

What does it mean for them?

It means that service providers now must purchase networking devices from only those vendors that are on the DOT’s trusted list.

But, the list is still new and still hasn’t listed many vendors. Thus, the responsibility of adding vendors to this list falls on your shoulders.

Recently, HFCL got approval as the trusted source. However, it obtained approval as a vendor. However, it was only possible because there were telecom service providers backing its play to get the approval.

Let us learn how you can obtain the trusted telecom approval and thereby add names to the list of trusted vendors.

The Beta Telecom portal for vendors

In view of enabling the telecom service providers with a way to enter the names of trusted vendors to the list, the government of India recently launched a beta portal.

This portal, although still quite basic, is nuanced enough that TSPs can easily add the names of the vendors.

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Things to remember before applying for the trusted approval in the telecom

Before you engage with that beta portal and make an effort to enter the name of your vendor, there are some facts that you must know:

  1. The government might reject the name of the vendor: Just putting the names on the list isn’t enough as later, the government thoroughly scrutinizes the vendor – and the results of that might not be something that you like. At worst, the DOT will reject your request.
  2. Your vendor will also need to apply for the license: Even though we are providing the steps that you can take to obtain the titular approval, they are only half of it. The other half of the steps are up to the vendor to take. If they don’t, there will be no trusted telecom approval issued.
  3. Local vendors have a high chance of success: If you’re using locally manufactured products to provide your telecom services, the vendors of those products might already be on the list.

Take those points to mind and then, proceed with the steps to acquire the trusted telecom approval for the products you are using.

Steps to acquire trusted telecom approval

Here are the steps to add your vendor to the trusted list of the Department of Telecommunication:

  1. Go to the beta portal: If the site can’t be reached currently, don’t worry. Reach out to the telecom consultant. They have the necessary links to get you the approval.
  2. Enter the details of your vendor: If you are entering the names of the vendors by yourself, take care when entering the details. Ensure that you have all the information about them before proceeding.
  3. Wait for the assessment: While you wait, the Department of Telecommunication will reach out to the vendors –taking their details. After a thorough assessment, the DOT will give you the final answer.
  4. Get the approval for the trusted telecom product: If the DOT has surmised that all the details that you have provided about the vendor are correct, and the vendor has indeed adhered to the code of conduct necessary to stay with the telecom regulations of India, you will get the trusted telecom approval, thereby entering the names in the telecom list.


As a telecom service provider, the only way that you can stay in business is by ensuring that every networking device you’re using to provide internet services is following the DOT regulations. Thus, you must make sure before you start your TSP that the vendor you’re purchasing the product from is providing you with good quality products – and from the country that has good relations with India.

It is the critical factor that will ensure that you continue to stay operational.

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