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How to make your bedroom a calm oasis?

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To overcome daily stress, it is paramount to make your bedroom a serene oasis where you can take a break after the hectic day by sleeping, resting, or just staying for a little while. 

To be healthy and sound, it is critical that you set up your bedroom like your favorite home corner where you love to go, relax, and enjoy your time to get ultimate peace while everything around you is tense.  The hard times in your life are inevitable, but you can make a world of difference by just adopting some healthy habits while redecorating your bedroom or any other corner of your home. 

However, today, the complete home redoing has undoubtedly become a challenging task, but we can start over from the bedroom. We have enlisted a list of easy and quick bedroom ideas to give it a serene touch so that you get the best night’s sleep you always want. 

So, let’s get started! 

Keep tech devices away. 

Devices like smartphones, TV, and laptops with their wires create a lot of clutter and make it challenging for people to disconnect them before at least two hours of sleeping –as recommended to get healthy sleep. So, make sure to have a set-up outside the bedroom for charging all the tech devices and do not move them to the bedroom. The best way is to have a tech charging station in the hallway or home office where these devices are mostly needed. Having every tech device away from the bedroom helps you stop to grab it before sleeping to scroll through your social accounts. 

Choose colors wisely 

The color you choose for your bedroom walls has a direct impact on your emotions, which is no surprise considering the power of color. Light, neutral colors tend to make a bedroom feel more open and spacious, and they’re also easier on the eyes. Choosing the appropriate white paint for your bedroom seems boring, but you have more choices. Before choosing some calming colors, do some research. Think neutral tone for walls and keep the brighter colors for smaller items like cushions, bedding, rugs, and other home decor accessories.

Layer some texture.

Once you have decided on the light wall colors for your bedroom, it is best to choose bold shades for layering different textures in the place. For example, if you have a faded shade or shaggy rug at the bed end, throw some solid color pillows on the bed. Choose natural materials for wall decoration, such as wall arts. Do not forget to layer your bed with blankets or duvet togs according to the season, e.g.. 4.5 tog double duvet for summer. 10.5 for spring or autumn, and 15 for extreme temperature. Whatever tog it is, create a sense of cohesiveness by solid or lightly patterned duvet covers. 

Take plants inside 

Plants are known for their calming nature. They are not just meant to be placed outdoors. Take some plants inside your bedroom and see how your anxiety level goes down instantly. People are super busy these days, and they often do not have time to take care of greens; if this is the case with you, do not shy away from getting a nice pair of fake plants. Think broadly and take other natural elements like shells, stones, and twigs to the room for a more organic feel.  

Change your lighting.

Natural light is important to make a difference in mood. Once you wake up, open up window coverings to let in the maximum fresh air. Buy beautiful blackout curtains for the bedroom that matches the rest of the room decor without going too overboard. Switch the bedroom light bulbs with the daylight LED’s and choose something more serene such as a pair of stunning side table lamps, candles in an antique candle stand, or fairy lights for an intimate touch. Having low lights during the night time is best for transforming your bedroom into a calm oasis that ultimately helps in peaceful sleep.  


Nothing beats the comfort and calmness you get when everything around you is clean and less stuffed. Decluttering is important to make you feel free and light while also opening up more space for bedroom decorating ideas for your happiness. So, start by taking simple steps and see what is unnecessary and declutter them immediately.

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