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How to Hire a Celebrity Athlete to Appear in Your Party?

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Hiring Athlete for Appearance

Do you want your party to be the talk of the town? Everyone wants to throw successful parties that create a buzz. Be it a charity fundraiser party or a grand opening, or a product launch party, you would want the event to be a success. To begin with, you would want more attendance at the party.

And that is why you must hire a celebrity athlete to appear at your party. There is nothing that pulls the crowd as much as a celebrity.

If you are into the sports business and want to further spread the word about your brand, it is recommended that you connect with a celebrity athlete. Your target audience will see more promise in your brand when they know you are associated with sports stars.

Simply hire them for an appearance at your party and click a few pictures for everyone to know! But how to hire an athlete for this kind of appearance?

Check out a few tips that we have gathered here for a celebrity athlete to appear at the party.

No Freebies Please

You should not ask a celebrity athlete to attend your party for free. Think about it. A celebrity athlete will not get anything by attending your party. They are usually getting a lot of these requests and that is why you should not go this way at all.

Time is the biggest gift anyone can give and when it comes to such busy stars, you must understand that their time is precious. The amount of time they will invest in attending your party, they could have spent making money. So, if you want their time, you have to loosen the pocket strings a little.

You must also consider the entire preparation celebrities take for an appearance. Right from the fancy wardrobe, makeup, and personal stylists to entourages, agents, and even security, the overhead cost becomes huge. That is why they cannot bear the cost to provide you with a free service.

Hence, if they are adding something valuable to the table with their credibility and influence, you have to be ready to pay for it.

Make a Perfect Match

You should make a list of all the celebrities that make sense for the event in your mind. You need to ensure that the celebrities you have chosen will be right for the nature of the business you have. You have to choose an athlete if you have a business related to sports.

That will have the most impact on the kind of brand awareness you want to do. People will take actual inspiration from the athlete to invest in your brand. If the celebrity athlete is not right, then the whole marketing plan with them will be unsuccessful.

Check for Entertainment

A party is for people’s entertainment. If you host a boring party, then no celebrity athlete is going to be interested in your event or party. And if you expect the presence of the celebrity athlete to be entertaining, then you need to have proper equipment and facilities ready for them too.

Check the music systems, photo booths, AV screens, and any other stage props that may be a part of their gig. If you plan to give awards through them, then make sure the mic is working. Remember that these are your responsibilities and not having these in place can create a bad impression in front of your celebrity athlete guest as well as other patrons invited to the party.

Keep the Security Ready

Security is a huge concern when it comes to parties with celebrities. You have to keep in mind that you are having a party with a celebrity athlete. Even though they will have their own security personnel, you have to arrange for event security separately.

You must understand that crowds can get out of control if you have a popular star around. Such chaos can be hard to control without professionals. Sometimes, the celebrity athlete might also demand you to pay for their security team. You must consider the cost of hiring both kinds of security and accordingly make your choice.


Usually, when it comes to hiring celebrity athletes for Appearances, you need to pay them in advance. Of course, there will be provisions for them to refund the amount if something goes wrong and there is a need to cancel. Sometimes, celebrities also agree to reschedule.

Nobody is going to give you the comfort of paying the whole amount after the appearance. It will be a huge risk for them if they sign such a contract. Escrow services are sometimes used in big endorsement deals. However, it is not so common for parties. So, you must keep your budget for this and be prepared with the advance amount.

So, keep these in mind while hiring athletes for appearance and quickly plan their appearance for your big party!

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