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How to Fix My Epson Printer’s Power Light Is Not Turning On

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If you are having some troubles with your Epson Printer Communication Error follow these tips to fix the issue. Not only will this help you save money by avoiding repair costs, but it can also help you avoid any inconveniences that come from using a broken printer. 

What causes Epson Printer Communication Errors

Many Epson Printer errors can be fixed with a simple reboot or by switching to battery power. One error that occurs regularly is My Epson Printer’s Power Light Is Not Turning On but the printer continues to try and find a connection. This can result in it not being able to print anything until you fix this issue.

When the power light isn’t turning on, the cause could be caused by a loose or disconnected connection. Some factors that may contribute to this are dust, debris, and corrosion. If the light doesn’t stay on for more than 2 minutes after turning it on, then it is likely that the power cord has been damaged.

Many things can cause a problem with the power light on Epson printers. The most common reason for My Epson Printer’s Power Light Is Not Turning On is a communication error between the printer and the computer. Fixing this issue is as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting your printer to the computer. If you still have problems, you may need to change your printer’s communication settings.

Why Epson Printer Power Light Is Not Turning On

A power light on a Printer can sometimes be the easiest fix to a simple issue. If the printer has just been turned on, then the power light is turning green. If there was an error with printing and it couldn’t finish, then it would turn to red. However, if the power light is not turning on at all after turning on your printer, it might need new ink cartridges or even replacement parts.

Why My Epson Printer’s Power Light Is Not Turning On when the printer is turned on. This means that you cannot see the light during operation and occasionally when you try to print a document or photo. You may be wondering what could cause this problem. The most likely reason for this issue is paper jams preventing the ink from flowing through the printer. If you find that your paper has become jammed, then you will want to turn off the printer and remove any paper that is blocking the ink tubes.

How to fix My Epson Printer’s Power Light Is Not Turning On Problem

If your printer’s power light is not turning on, you probably need to replace the power supply. The best way to do this is by following these steps:

  1. Turn off your printer’s power.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the back of the printer and then from the wall outlet.
  3. Disconnect all other cables (power supply and USB) from the back of your printer.
  4. Remove any screws that hold the cover in place and remove it by pulling it straight off of your printer (not up).
  5. Replace with a new power supply cable, plugging it into a wall outlet and then reconnecting everything else in reverse order to how it was originally connected
  6. Turn on your printer’s power button once again

3 ways of fixing the Epson Printer Communication Error

The Epson Printer Communication Error when the printer is turned on. This can be a tricky problem to fix because the power light not turning on might be caused by many different factors. There are three ways to fix this problem. 

  • One way to fix this problem is by simply plugging and unplugging the printer until it starts working again. 
  • Another way that you can follow to fix your Epson Printer’s power light not turning on is by taking apart the printer and then reattaching it back together. 
  • The last option for fixing this problem with an Epson Printer is by changing either the fuse or resetting the circuit board.


This blog article will provide you with instructions on how to fix your Epson Printer Communication Error. The power light should be blinking yellow when your printer is powered off, but it will not turn on. It might also be orange or red if the power light is broken.

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