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How to clean retainers in 5 easy steps

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Do you want to know how to clean retainers? Retainers are an essential part of orthodontic treatment and can be quite expensive, so it’s important to take good care of them in order to ensure they last as long as possible. If you follow these 5 easy steps, you can learn how to clean retainers effectively at home, so you’ll have fresh, clean permanent retainer that won’t look like they were just pulled out of the garbage!

How to Clean Permanent Retainers

Braces will last for years, but your retainer won’t. Over time, saliva and food become trapped inside, leaving a yucky film on it. It’s important to remove that layer of grime because a dirty retainer can make it hard for you to speak clearly and even alter your bite. Fortunately, cleaning your retainer isn’t difficult at all. Here are five ways you can take care of your permanent retainer

How To Clean Removable Retainers

When you have had your retainer for a year or so, you may need to give it a thorough cleaning. The material used in permanent retainer (white on top and colored bottom) is thermoplastic. The permanent retainer is designed with many holes which allow it to be properly cleaned and sanitized. They are also made with colored plastic on top so that food particles cannot get stuck inside. We strongly suggest cleaning your retainer about once every 6 months, but if you wear it daily, then every 3-4 months will be necessary for sanitary reasons. You can use hot water and dish soap or brush your retainer with an anti-bacterial toothbrush (which we recommend). Be sure not to boil or steam your retainer as that will ruin its shape!

Why Is it Important To Keep My Retainer Clean?

Although your retainer is made of durable material, it is important to keep it as germ-free as possible. The mouth contains a lot of bacteria, which can not only spread disease but can also cause foul odors that may make you feel uncomfortable wearing your retainer. Even if you wear your retainer for short periods of time each day, it’s a good idea to take care of it properly; use these five tips on how to clean retainers and take proper care of your investment so that you can get your money’s worth out of it.

How Do I Clean My Retainer?

While there are several ways to properly clean your retainer, we’ll give you a quick rundown of a five-step method that will get you on your way. 1. Pour boiling water into a glass bowl. 2. Place retainer in water and allow it to soak for two minutes (never place metal parts of any kind into boiling water; it can permanently damage them). 3. Use your index finger and thumb or an earpick to remove debris from between teeth and under prongs/brackets/arms of your retainer. 4. Rinse with cold tap water for one minute, making sure that no food particles remain between teeth or under prongs/brackets/arms of retainer.

The 1st Step In Cleaning My Retainer

Soak your retainer in a glass of warm water with a drop of gentle dish soap for about ten minutes. Remove it from its soaking bowl and swish it around under cold water until all toothpaste particles have been removed. I usually use my finger tips on both sides to get into all those tight corners and crevices where food and other particles tend to hide. At that point, if you’re not sure your retainer is still clean, re-soak it for another five minutes or so. If that doesn’t help, run it through one more cycle under cold water (again, swishing gently but thoroughly with your fingers). That should do it!

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