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How to choose the best sports bra

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Your entire body, including your breasts, is stressed when you exercise. As a result, ladies require a bra designed not only for their body type but also for their sport. Consider the following guidelines for selecting the best sports bra with that on your heart. Look at Polly Parker Sports Bra.

sports bra - PollyPark

What is the purpose of a sports bra?

The majority of our breasts are up of fat. When you workout, your breasts cannot contract to protect themselves, exposing them to very high levels of shock and friction. It is inconvenient to bounce when exercising, but it can also create severe pain and sagging breasts in the long run. That’s why having lots of support is critical, especially for high-impact activities like jogging, skiing, and mountain biking. Sports bras, unlike traditional bras, are meant to provide extra support while allowing for movement. A sports bra conforms to your body contour, blending your breasts and chest. Furthermore, the lack of underwires and fasteners and strategically placed seams reduce pressure areas and injuries. You are wearing a precisely tailored bra for your breast size for optimal comfort and freedom, and sport is highly supportive.

How much assistance do I require?

There are three fundamental levels of support, depending on the model: light, medium, and high. And while determining how much assistance you require, two factors should be considered: your body type and your sport.

Support with a light touch

A gently supportive bra might be the best choice for low-impact activities like yoga or Pilates, and because of its exceptionally lightweight, you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it. Small breasts and small cups can also benefit from a light support bra.

Support is moderate.

We recommend a bra with moderate support for medium-impact outdoor sports like climbing, hiking, or paragliding. On the other hand, if you have huge breasts, you may find that you love a bra with even higher support for these activities.

High levels of support

If your bra size is larger than 34C (Europe 75C, France 90C), we recommend a bra with high support regardless of the activity. Women with smaller cup sizes who participate in high-impact sports such as trail jogging and running, mountain biking, and even skiing and snowboarding should wear high-support bras.

What is the best way to determine the correct size?

Four out of every five women have no idea their true bra size! Sports bras are available in regular sizes such as XS, S, M, L, and XL or numerical sizes. The good news is that there are sizing charts available that show the link between different sizes and can help you select the appropriate size. It’s crucial to remember that your bra size isn’t always the same as your clothes size and that the same size can differ between brands. Before deciding, try on a few different bras and make motions that mimic the sports you’ll be doing to test the support and freedom of movement—buying anything on the internet? Consult the sizing chart provided by most brands and shops.

sports bra - PollyPark

Materials and cuts

Technical materials, ergonomic cuts, fabric combinations, and seams create sports bras that provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The more support you have, the more your bra will encase your breasts. Thermoformed bras and bras with tighter weaves are common in high support bras. They can also have removable padding and straps with an adjustment system in the elastic under the chest. Depending on the level of support offered, the materials will have more or less flexibility. Perspiration is dealt with in most sports bras by employing breathable fabrics such as mesh or merino wool.

Bra straps The straps on your bra can also influence your decision. For larger breasts or more active exercises, wider, thicker straps will give additional support and comfort. Low-impact activities and ladies with tiny cup sizes benefit from thinner, more discreet straps. Straps can be straight, crisscrossed in the back, divided, or gathered for a “racer-back” design, and People can provide different levels of support. Because, at the end of the jour, it’s about appearances and how your bra fits beneath your top.


Any sport you participate in should make you feel good, and feeling gorgeous and free is a significant part of that. Today’s bras come in various styles, and they’re so gorgeous that we don’t have to hide them beneath our clothes anymore. On the contrary, they’re designed to be more conspicuous and can be themselves. It’s all about being yourself and being at ease with yourself.

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