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How to Choose Crypto Exchange?

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Best Crypto Trading Tips 2022

Platforms that make it easier to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies are known as crypto exchanges. Crypto exchanges are not all created equal. Each trading platform is appropriate for a particular class of users with a particular set of needs based on its type, features, and security measures. Find out which crypto exchange is perfect for you by reading on.

Types of Exchange


Users can purchase or sell straight from platforms on some exchanges. The ideal option if you are just starting out is this because it enables instant transactions. Most likely, you’ll be asked to provide personal information to authenticate your account.

Peer to Peer

These P2P systems are favoured by people who place a high emphasis on privacy. They permit one-on-one trading partnerships where the price and payment options are independently decided upon by the two traders. Some location-based P2P exchanges only assist you in finding a venue to meet other traders.

Most P2P platforms will go a step further by helping to facilitate the transaction, serving as an escrow in case of disputes, and serving as an arbiter. On these platforms, your privacy is typically highly safeguarded, but it is your obligation to keep yourself and your money safe.

Full Trading Platform

Large groups of people are gathered on full trading platforms where they can trade among themselves, much as on a real stock exchange. Full trading exchanges use an order book to match buy and sell orders. The larger ones even offer a variety of features like customised graphs, margin trading, and unique order kinds. For a novice user, many of these capabilities won’t be necessary.

Here are the features and criteria you should take into account while choosing a crypto exchange.

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Functionality and Features

Trading Features

Only really experienced traders with a thorough understanding of how the crypto business operates should use platforms with numerous features (margin trading, complicated order types, and complex charts). The simpler the exchange, the better for beginners.


No matter how much trading experience you have, the first thing you should think about is if the platform can handle the transaction you want to complete. Every platform provides a unique mix of crypto and fiat currencies, as well as a variety of languages and geographical regions. Users from the US in particular should be aware that several major exchanges do not allow customers from certain US states.


Each platform has a unique cost structure that caters to a particular user demographic. In contrast, if you only want to buy a small amount of currency to save for your retirement, costs will be less important than other features targeted at regular traders. If you are a day trader, you don’t want high individual transaction fees. Examining all the fees is one thing to keep in mind. One platform might have high fees for fiat currency deposits but low fees for transactions involving coins.


The cryptosphere is like the American West to many people. The ability to trade fully anonymously is one of the attractions. This is less common as regulation becomes more sophisticated and as governments become more involved. Nevertheless, it is still feasible to purchase, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies without ever revealing your identity.


The fact that security is always crucial when working with cryptocurrency is a side effect of anonymity. With one significant exception, choosing an exchange involves all the same considerations as picking a wallet. Because exchanges are designed for quick, simple transactions, security must occasionally be compromised.

Account access

A solid crypto exchange platform will offer two-factor authentication and/or multi-signature capability for any accounts you have with them, much like good wallets do. This is different because you don’t need a wallet or account with some exchanges because you don’t have one.

Key Storage

Although it’s widely accepted that keeping your money in cold, client-side storage is the safest option, this isn’t always feasible on an exchange. Just too slowly. However, a competent crypto exchange will combine all user funds across the board and send a sizable portion to cold storage.  That implies that they will only lose a small portion of the funds if the platform is hacked. You should really take your money out of the exchange and store it in your wallet if you have a lot of money and want to be in charge of your key storage.

Recovery Phrase

A platform can manage your funds in two different ways. For each user, they can either create a unique, independent account or one account with a number of subaccounts. Exchanges typically employ the single account with sub-account option to speed up transaction processing.


You are your own insurance because cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and a sizable portion of the market is, for the most part, uncontrolled.  However, as the market grows more regulation-compliant mega sites establish themselves, you have the option of taking out several types of insurance on your money.

Some exchanges can offer government-backed deposit protection to their users’ fiat accounts if they adhere to government regulations and keep customer cash in authorised banks. Even fewer exchanges have secured third-party insurance for the cryptocurrency holdings they host.

Bottom Line

Crypto exchange with a straightforward or intuitive design is your greatest option if you just started trading. A platform with a more sophisticated or complex interface is advised for more experienced users.

You can navigate the trading platform more successfully if you pay attention to design and user interface. Checking out what other traders have to say about the platform can be worthwhile. For beginners, Investby is the best platform to start crypto trading under most favourable conditions.

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