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How to Build a website with Vuejs

Steps to Build Website With Vuejs

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Vue Js, or vue, is a very popular framework that has grown on a large scale in the past years. It was developed by Evan You when he was working at Google on AngularJs.

Do you want to know about Vue Js? Do you want to develop an interactive website using Vue Js? Do you want to hire a dedicated Hire vue js developer? Stay with us through the article and learn how you develop android apps and websites using Vue Js.

This article is a step by step guide to building a functional and interactive website using Vue Js.

Let’s dive in.

Install the Vue Application

When you want to create a new application using Vue Js, you need to install the command line interface first with this command-

Npm install- g @vue/cli

Here, Npm: Node package manager

Npm makes it easy for developers to share, update and reuse code so they can build amazing websites.

-g : The -g flag tells npm to install the CLI at a global level.

After the installation is done, the CLI can be accessed by using the command vue in the terminal.

Create the application

It is time to create the scaffolding for our Vue application. For that, enter the following command-

vue create meal-prep

The Vue CLI will pose a series of questions to determine how to scaffold your application. At the first attempt, select “manually select features”.

As you proceed, you will be asked to select the features that we want to install for the project-

These are the following options you will be asked to select-

Check the features needed for your project

Use history mode for router

Pick a Linter/ Formatter config

Pick additional lint features

Where do you prefer placing configurations for selected features?

Save this as a preset for future projects?

All the features selected will be saved in the new folder created in the name of the project. Once the CLI has created the application, it will give you the command to change into the new directory & the command you will need to run to start the project.

Starting the project

To change into the project directory, you need to enter the command cd testproject.To start the project, we need to run the command npm run serve. This command will generate a localhost address that npm has generated and it can be used in the web browser. Once you complete this step, the following screen will appear-

This is the initial step guide that can get you started while building the website using Vue Js. Website development is a technical process that requires expertise and knowledge. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and create a unique digital identity, build a website with us. Check out our website development services.

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