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How to Advertise a Daycare Center on a Flyer

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People need to know that your daycare center is a safe and reliable place to leave their children. In order to promote your business, you should advertise certain aspects upfront to give potential customers an accurate and honest understanding of the services you provide. Consider including customer-friendly facts in addition to basic information such as where your company is located, how to reach you, and what hours of operation it offers.

Span of Ages

Various levels of supervision are required for children of different ages. Your daycare business should advertise the age ranges it serves when advertising its services. A playgroup full of school-age children is not a good place to leave a baby. In an effective flyer, you should specify what age groups are appropriate for the event as well as how much supervision workers will provide. If parents feel their children’s needs are addressed and they will receive targeted, specific care, they are more likely to trust you with their children. There are also people who are concerned their children will be entertained when they are in your care, and there are different forms of entertainment appropriate for different age groups and genders.

Amount of Care Provided

Whenever a daycare center advertises, it is imperative to ensure that potential clients are satisfied with the care they receive. Being honest about the care involved is also important. Advertise your workers’ qualifications and certifications if they are professional. Your clients will appreciate knowing that their children will be well-supervised. Consider advertising your medical training or the length of time your employees have worked for your business. Incorporate testimonials from past customers if you have the space. Children with special needs or shy personalities should also be considered. Provide parents with a brief description of how you will address their specific needs.


It is better to give people an honest idea of what they are going to pay for services upfront, including any special offers, so they don’t feel blindsided. In addition, consumers can use this information to shop around and compare your services with those of competitors. Give an honest assessment of your pricing to avoid misleading people about how much your services will cost them. The longer you stay honest and professional, the more revenue you will earn.


Flyers should appear almost as good as they should contain information. The flyer will be a red flag to potential customers if it is overly busy, lacks adequate information or looks unprofessional. Look at child care flyers put out by other professional businesses and compare what aesthetic technique is pleasing to the eye, and what is less memorable.  It’s your job to make your flyers stand out and draw attention to your company. You may be tempted to use bold colors and images — but don’t go overboard.

Key Takeaways

If you use a smaller sheet than the full-size sheet, you can still include plenty of information. The feel and appearance of this flyer will be firmer and glossy when printed on photo/picture paper. Provide parents with all the details about your daycare services. Let them know about your experience and education. Placing several flyers in an envelope decorated with manila tape is a good idea. A flyer should stick out of the top of the envelope. Glue or tape the letter to the bulletin board. The reason that this way of advertising child care is so effective is that parents tend to keep the flyer longer than a little sign. Using a paper cutter, I cut them straight with a straight edge.

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