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How SMS Marketing Is Helpful to Grow Your Fitness Business

by Shubham Sethi
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A text message is simple, but it can drive huge results. How huge? SMS marketing can have ROI rates as high as $8.11 per message. However, with such great returns, SMS is an underutilized marketing medium. Only 39 percent of businesses use text messaging in their digital marketing efforts. 

While we don’t know why so many businesses are neglecting text marketing, we can assume that they aren’t up to speed with its benefits. So don’t be left in the dark about the power of SMS marketing.

In this blog, we’ll look at how SMS can grow your gym business.

Boosts Conversion Rates

The average SMS marketing conversion rate is around 45 percent—which is about 200 percent higher than other marketing methods. 

To reap this benefit, identify your target audience and send relevant content. Personalizing messages to your audience’s preferences and interests increases the chances of taking action on an offer.

Increases Customer Engagement

Text messaging is a personal and intimate form of communication. And while sending business texts may seem intrusive, your customers want to get texts from you. Studies show that 89 percent of consumers prefer texting with a business over other methods of communication.

You can enhance customer engagement by offering two-way SMS. For example, sending polls and surveys is a great way to get feedback and provide an interactive element to your messaging.

Allowing subscribers to receive customer support via SMS is another way to keep them engaged—this could even help you retain customers. 

According to a UJET survey, 72 percent of consumers said that having the ability to text a live agent improves their customer service experience. And delivering an awesome customer experience is one of the many ways to keep customers returning.

Reaches a Wide Demographic

Almost everyone texts—no, really. Data shows that 98 percent of adults in the United States have access to mobile devices with text messaging. And about 292 million people in North America send and receive messages—80 percent of the total population. So, regardless of who your core audience consists of, you 

can reach them with SMS marketing.

Helps Advertise New Classes and Offerings

SMS lets you get the word out when introducing a new class or program. One of the reasons is that a text rarely gets ignored. According to a report from MobileSquared, 90 percent of text messages are read within 2 minutes.

Additionally, SMS marketing messages yield a 98 percent open rate—that’s five times more than push notifications from other mobile apps.

So if you want to draw attention to a specific offering or product, SMS marketing is the way to go.

Accelerates Customer Acquisition

As we’ve established today, SMS is a great way to nurture existing customers. But it can also help you attract new ones. 

For instance, you can create a referral program that allows members to bring a guest for free. When the guest comes in, you can collect their phone number and permission to send them messages. Then you can trigger a campaign encouraging them to sign up for a membership.

Take Your Gym Business to New Heights With SMS Marketing

As a gym owner, you know how difficult it can be to retain and attract new customers. However, SMS marketing makes it easier to target your audience and grow your brand. 

You can also simplify your marketing Gleantap. Our SMS marketing platform allows you to automate texts and send the right message at the right time. Check all it has to offer with a free demo.

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