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How Fashionable People Wear Jewelry

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How Fashionable People Wear Jewelry

If you often pay attention to the girls in the fashion circle, you should find that whether it is stars or these fashionable men, they dress up in fashion, there will always be a figure of accessories, whether it is jewelry, hat or sunglasses, these accessories play the finishing touch, but too excellent. Recently, many friends said that they bought a lot of jewelry at Wholesale jewelry but did not know how to match it. Today, we will talk about those accessories that are easy to match.

The Ring

The biggest change of rings in recent years, in addition to more unique fashion in the shape design, in the way of wearing, compared with the previous match has also been very different, a pair of hands wearing rings are very common collocation. And this kind of mix match way, should be the first from the Korean drama began to be popular.


So the stack of ring wear mix build, the first is a simple gold modelling fold wear, and this style because modelling is simple, so even if wearing full hand, also won’t feel too exaggerated, but also play a modified the effect of the fingers, but in recent years, with the size of the ring design is more and more big, let ring fold wear way also has a new change.


Basically, two rings will be worn on one hand, and the design of one ring will be exaggerated, and this design is used as the main ring, and the other smaller ring is matched together, and worn on the two adjacent fingers or the separated fingers.


Since there are so many rings on one hand, in order not to look too messy, we will choose the right ring in the following aspects:


  • Size: One large ring + one or more small rings
  • Quantity: One hand is usually no more than two style rings to wear
  • Style: Wear the same ring material together, gold and silver can be mixed and matched

As long as these things are done, basically we can wear rings without looking too heavy hands and style too messy


The Necklace

Like rings, necklaces have been the most popular way to wear them over the years, but if you’re wearing both rings and necklaces, it’s important to pay attention to the balance and priorities of the two pieces. Here we will put the focus on the whole body accessories on the necklace, to tell you that if you achieve a high-level way to wear…


First of all, like rings, we need to know that in a suit collocation, the number of necklaces can not be more than three, generally two are worn together, and one will be exaggerated in the shape design, the other will be more common and delicate.


Such collocation, can feel the obvious and primary and secondary level change, secondly, the two necklace quality is best, and the ring, ring we can gold silver mashup, very advanced, but the necklace, the best combination of silver and silver, gold and the wearing of gold, such ability can show real senior feeling.


Finally, let’s talk about the way to wear, the main decoration effect of the necklace is to decorate our neck line, so in wearing, do not let the necklace on our neck have a tight feeling, loose, and then two necklaces have an obvious sense of drop, can make the decoration effect more obvious.


For the collocation of whole body, necklaces and rings is we can’t ignore, but we also should pay attention to the overall deserve to act the role of primary and secondary relations, but also to pay attention to the style of clothes, if is the basis of simple dress, then the necklace and ring we can choose a key emphasis in style, but if our clothes were exaggerated, Then the jewelry should be as simple as possible. So did you get it? Now you can go to Jewelrykg.

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