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How Can You Protect Your Solar Panel From Squirrels?

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Many people do not know how to protect their solar panels from squirrels, and this is mostly for roof-mounted solar systems. Squirrels build nests in solar panels as they are warm and provide shelter for them.
One major problem is that squirrels chew on wires, and this causes damage to your system and creates fire hazards due to exposed wires. This is why a solar panel squirrel guard is essential to protect your solar panel from squirrels.

Squirrels Are Dangerous for Solar Arrays.
Squirrels have teeth that keep growing, and this means they can continuously chew on things to keep their teeth in check, and they even chew on electrical wires as well. Due to the nature of squirrels, there are thousands of blackouts across the country every year.
As you see that squirrels are bold enough to chew on almost anything; chewing electrical wires underneath the solar panel is easy for them. The space between your roof and the roof offers a good spot for the squirrels, and they stay hidden from predators.
Chewing wires can lead to serious damage, and this is not a good thing for you. You need to take steps to protect your solar array from these squirrels. This is necessary for you if you live in an area full of squirrels.

Ways to Protect Your Solar Array from Squirrels
Some ways by which you can safeguard your solar panel from squirrels are:
Trim tree branches
Good home maintenance suggests that you do not want trees close to your house for various reasons. This is true for those who own solar arrays, and this is not just because of the shade it provides but also for squirrels. Squirrels get into the system by climbing on trees.
Monitor your system

Many solar systems come along with monitoring. They can inform you how much power you are producing, and they can also send out error messages, and there are many explanations for damages.
It will send out signs if a squirrel attacks your array or if there is a buildup of snow. There can be other reasons as well, and it will help to inform you about them.
Invest in squirrel guards


Home solar panels are usually mounted on your roof, exposing them not only to the weather but also to local wildlife. Often, birds and squirrels can damage rooftop solar equipment. Squirrels sometimes nest under roof panels and may chew through exposed or hanging wires. 

If they chew the right wires, they can cut off the power from the solar panel, causing expensive repairs and power loss

Birds also often nest under and around the panel, causing dust and droppings to accumulate, which significantly reduces panel efficiency.

If you live in an area where there are lots of trees, then you should consider investing in a squirrel guard. Many solar energy companies provide their clients with solar panel squirrel guards, and these are designed to keep all sorts of animals away from your system.
If you suspect there are animals or a nest in your system, you can contact the solar company, and they can solve the problem.

Final Words
If there are a lot of squirrels or other animals near your solar panel, then you need to inform your solar company and invest in a solar panel squirrel guard. Many solar panel companies provide squirrel guards, and you do not need to purchase them from other places.




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