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How Can You Maintain Fresh New Looks For Your Artificial Lawn?

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Having an artificial lawn means you no longer have to worry about mowing, soil replenishing, reseeding, or fertilizer usage. This saves your effort and time. You can always maintain lush green looks on the lawn for years.

Artificial grass may survive for years if you are taking proper care. All types of fake grass lawns might only need little maintenance and cleaning. You just have to fix a perfect schedule. You can search for “artificial grass” cleaning and maintenance tips online.

You can also look around for artificial turf maintenance and repairs services. Turfs are unreal lawns and so they need little to negligible maintenance and care. The maintenance can be as minimum as possible it is the positive factor of using artificial grass. You can follow the basic tips mentioned below to care for the lawn.

Brush regularly

Regular brushing does not mean you have to spend one hour on daily basis. You certainly don’t want to damage the grass lawn. It is advisable to use soft bristles brush You should only brush the fake grass once every six to eight weeks.

This is one of the techniques to ensure that accumulated debris has been taken care of on time. Do not allow the debris and dust particles to accumulate. Brushing regularly once a few weeks will maintain the lawn in top condition

Use water sprouts

If you have a water sprinkler system installed, then you can allow it to run for an hour once a week. Rainwater is also considered the best natural cleanser for artificial grass. Running water will carry away all dust and debris that might have been accumulated in the fibre strands.

Many people also make use of a powerful hose. Any technique will work best if you are using running water. This technique will also help in treating all types of stains. This can be really helpful in removing the stains from the carpet.

Treat bad odour 

Bad odour is one common problem with fake grass. This is more common if you have pets at home. You can best look around for quality enzyme cleaning in the market. The solution can be prepared and mixed with water.

You can also make use of shampoo to get rid of the bad odour. Whatever you use always ensure it is mild. Avoid leaving any solution overnight on the lawn. This can damage the lawn. Vinegar is also highly effective in cleaning the bad odour from the carpet. It can be really effective in cleaning the carpet.

Keep checking for weeds

Even if the grass is artificial still the weeds can grow easily. The fact is that the weeds grow in the soil that is beneath the grass. You need to keep checking with the soil for weeds growth. It is better to remove the weeds before they get out of control.

Do not make use of weed spray on the artificial turf. It may not be safe and can damage the grass easily. The synthetic fibre of the grass will get damaged if the weed spray has harmful chemicals.

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