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Guide for the best Zip lining & other things 

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Explore the BEST Things to Do in Dahlonega

However, whenever you plan an exciting trip to your favorite destinations, it means enjoying the best upcoming days. So, let’s discuss the BANNING MILLS: GUIDE TO THE BEST ZIP LINING AND MORE.

However, banning mills is a resort that provides all sorts of luxuries and the best & breakfast. Moreover, it’s quite built with about 300 acres of wooden flooring; if you want to visit such places with affordable fares & great offers, contact the Jetblue booking desk. 

Here’s is the guide to the banning mills:

  • Banning mills Zip lines:

You can easily spot the historic banning mills located about an hour outside the city of Atlanta. While passing through the world’s largest mailbox at Gate no 5 is the “Historic Banning mills,” Although they are the most adventurous places where you can go for zip lining in GA. Here, the visitors get the largest Zip line canopy tour in the Republic of Georgia. 

On the other side, there are many Zip line tours near Atlanta as North Georgia, but it’s the oldest & highest along with highly recommended. As per their literature, it’s the fastest & the longest zip line globally. 

  1. Restriction for the Zip line :

As, there are certain kinds of restrictions, that are needed to be followed & quite mandatory. All the children who want to enjoy the zip line must be around eight years & 5 pounds for the forest tour. On the other hand, the weight should be about 90 pounds for the other tours. Moreover, the maximum weight limit for the women is about 250, followed by 285 for the males. 

The following participants should be able to climb about two towers comprising a height of about 65ft & 150 ft, respectively. Please, keep in mind that you have a weak heart, so try it out. 

  1. Flight of the falcon:

This adventurous spot in Georgia offers you several amazing things, such as the highest number of “timber pole towers.” In addition to the height of a 30-story building, flight of the falcon zip line, etc. However, it’s one of the fastest but not the longest, the zip lines across the 300 acres & 45 minutes in Atlanta. Several other things brief you about BANNING MILLS: GUIDE TO THE BEST ZIP LINING AND MORE.

Here, they make you trained in a unique way that you will feel more comfortable & helps to remove the height phobia. Apart from all, they also provide the beginner courses such as the forest tour & the new woodland tour are the type of level 1 courses, organized for the first time for families & zippers. However, the weight limit is about 50 lbs & the minimum age is about eight years.

  1. Advance courses :

While you move upwards, the lights of the zip & height get increased, respectively. However, these courses make you physically &mentally fit and try to make you feel relaxed as each level comprises the elements of the previous tour. So, at level 3, you will also get to experience 1&2. At this point, the children must be at least ten years old & 90 lbs of weight.

However, if the older children want to move on, there are some other activities as these are the best ways to enjoy BANNING MILLS: GUIDE TO THE BEST ZIP LINING AND MORE.

  1. Aerial Adventure :

Now, while moving on further, let’s focus on the aerial challenges, which is a zip into the series of extreme challenges. The tourists will get to climb the ropes that will also test their physical abilities & see how much more pressure they can handle. To be precise, it’s about 80 ft in the air & the park leaves n stone unturned to make your whole trip filled with joy & great excitement. 

For your information, none of the tasks will be quite easy & it’s you who ash to deal with these ruthless situations. 

  1. Zip lanes & more :

The Banning mills is a non-profit retreat along with being a conservation center. On the other hand, while asking the kids what their second adventurous spot at this particular place is, the “pool,” Although the zip line is quite thrilling, there is something more. 

Especially for the kids, there are several ways to explore this adventurous Banning Mills. You can head to the full-size pool, play with the horseshoes, or try for a rabbit hole-in-one at mini golf. The travelers will enjoy this whole environment and will love to come back here again. 

  1. Power free fall :

The German engineers well-designed it to get the people full safety out of the burning buildings. Although, it’s not like a bungee jumping a full controlled free fall to 100ft down or the ten stories. However, Southwest Airlines booking desk provides last-minute deals & travel credits. These are among the interesting things to come across; apart from all sorts of enjoyment activities here, all the things are precisely arrange for safety purposes. 

The visitors do not need to take unnecessary stress for their children’s safety & some highly qualified trainers look after them. Visitors can freely enjoy their best time at this place with full enthusiasm & excitement. The best part of this locations is it helps you to go beyond your limits & try to discover new things. 

  1. Climbing wall: 

Banning mills thus hold the “Guiness world record” of the tallest climbing wall alog with the adventure towers in the world. About 140ft or say 14 stories comprise with nine climbing lanes & pair of rapple walls.  However, these activities are more adventurous & make your whole day quite fantastic. 


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