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Five Best SEO Tips to Boost Organic Traffic in 2022

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If you’re a business owner or a digital marketer, you know how challenging it is to rank on Google. Yet, boosting your website’s visibility is the only way to level up your sales numbers and revenue. And with every passing year, the game of ranking higher on search engines is only becoming more complex and tedious. But in an age where content overload is considered a critical differentiator amongst website owners, how can you really distinguish yourself from the competition? The answer is to collaborate with the best SEO company in India. 

While you know the math of how more traffic leads to more visibility, the focus here is to garner the right traffic. Here we talk about the powerful way to improve and influence search results in your favor that most businesses aren’t practicing yet. 


#1: Stop brainstorming on SEO tactics that no longer work

The thing about SEO in 2022 is that most of the stuff that exists online about SEO doesn’t work anymore. For example:

  • LSI keywords: Google’s John Mueller himself says that LSI keywords make no difference to your SEO any longer. 
  • Getting green dots on Yoast SEO: Not getting a green signal on Yoast doesn’t help anymore either. 
  • Writing long-form of content: Believing that long-form of content is your ticket to better search results is a myth. 
  • Get social signals: Google says that social signals aren’t necessary. Instead, social engagement might influence your SEO in some ways. 


#2: Intent of search is your crucial goal

The only way you can rank higher on Google is by creating content that fulfills your searchers’ interests. Your content must align with a user’s search intent. Google knows that most people searching on their engine want to learn, not buy. So, instead of focusing on the selling proportion, you must focus on educating your user. If your content builds that trust, sales will happen eventually. 


#3: Focus on UX

The best SEO company in India doesn’t only prioritize search ranking but also on offering impactful UI/UX experiences to your users. In fact, Google’s core updates also place user experiences in the spotlight for ranking higher on SERPs. Google measures the UX of your site by looking at your website’s loading speed, stability, instructiveness, and responsiveness. Not to forget, keep a vigilant eye on your mobile indexing as well. 


#4: Don’t forget internal linking

Internal linking allows you to boost your essential pages on other web pages of your site. This creates a chain reaction for your website, allowing visitors to move from one page to another, distributing your page ranks. This helps Google understand your content and also identify linking opportunities. 


#5: Recreate blogs as videos

Undeniably, videos are the most engaging form of content amongst users. So, by converting your blog post to compelling videos, you increase your chance of reaching a bigger audience base while boosting organic traffic on your website. 


While there are several other tips to implement, finding best Digital Marketing Company in India for affordable SEO services, how you make your brand into an online sensation. 

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