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Factors That Indicate Whether Or Not You Should Opt Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one thing that changes your whole look. Mena and women are very distressed with the ongoing dilemma of receding hairline, bald patch, hair fall, and thinning of hair. The lifestyle of people and the pollutive environment have reduced the hair grwoth span in the people. On top of that, chemical products and unhealthy eating habits have also increased hair loss. But what could be the correct solution for such conditions?

Over-the-counter medicines, hair products, and home remedies are worsening the situation more than ever. This is the sole reason why the popularity of hair transplants is increasing day by day. But is it really the best option available for you? Let us learn some of the factors that would indicate whether or not a Hair Transplant in Vizag is the right option for you. 

Are You Eligible For Hair Transplant Surgery?

The 1st thing you need to do is look at how suitable you are for hair transplant surgery. The hair fall often begins at the age of 20, but it is not advised to go ahead with the surgery till the 30s as there are still chances of hair growth in the early 20s. But as you grow older, the chances are reduced, and the hair loss is more evident.

Fun fact: The doctor could perform the Hair Transplant in Kakinada for sparse hair, and you do not have to wait for the hair to fall out entirely. This is why it is recommended not to opt for hair tarsnpalnt immediately after noticing hair loss. Consultation with the doctor about the condition and the underlying health problem is essential. Sometimes it could be treated with the easy method, but if it is genetics or you are suffering from any other health issues, you woudl be advised to choose hair transplant surgery. The doctor must do specific tests and examinations to check your condition’s eligibility. 

Can You Treat Your Hair Normally Post Transplantation?

Everyone wanted to have a successful hair transplant surgery. The results depend on the quality of the surgeon, the operation performed, and the clinic where the procedure is performed. Apart from that, the after acre also palsy an essential role in the speedy and effective recovery. The doctor would warn you of certain things to gain the expected look and natural appearance. The doctor would prescribe the shampoo, condition, and other products used. You would have to take the required medication on time and not do any excessive workout, swim, or exposure to the sun for at least some weeks.

 Is It A Permanent Solution?

The 1st doubt that people have is whether or not it is a permanent solution for the longtime problems? People want to achieve a natural appearance after the surgery; in old times, it was hard to obtain it, but it was far easier to reach that goal with the advancement of technology. The strength of the hair follicles in the donor area would dictate the growth of your hair. 

Where Can You Get The Best Solution From?

Suppose you are in a dilemma over who to choose for your hair transplant. Do not worry; Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center is ready to serve you with the best outcome.

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