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Everything You Need To Know About Lowering Hairline Transplant

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lowering hairline transplant

The problem of hair loss is hyped as many people feel embarrassed to have bald heads. However, there are several techniques that can address this common issue. Lowering hairline transplant is one of those techniques that can work to deliver good results. This is basically known as forehead reduction surgery applicable to those has wide foreheads. Being a woman, if you have a high hairline, you can get this treatment. It can lower your hairline and can evade the visible signs of baldness. You can get this treatment from a professional hair surgeon.

The procedure involved in forehead reduction

Primarily this surgery is related to the frontal hairline, so it has nothing to do with baldness at top of the head. Not to mention, many individuals among males and females undergo this procedure. During the procedure, an incision will be made by the surgeon on the front of the forehead. The surgeon will then take the scalp forward and suture it to the forehead skin. It could reduce the wideness between the hairline and your brows. The procedure is surgical, so it is performed with local anesthesia. In most cases, the scar visibility can occur on the forehead.

Is there any benefit of lowering hairline transplant?

Yes! This procedure has several benefits that you can enjoy. However, it requires extreme precision and care. So, you must get it done by an expert to enjoy the possible outcomes mentioned below.

Improved facial appearance

Due to a high hairline, you might have an improper facial appearance. It might not be suitable for your aesthetic goals. Therefore, you can get this procedure to achieve an improved facial appearance.

Reduce forehead

A widespread forehead is common among many folks. But some have a high hairline that replicates a look of baldness. So getting this procedure can lower your hairline to deliver a more defined hair structure.

Shorter recovery

Unlike other hair treatments, this procedure requires less recovery time. You can recover after a few weeks and can enjoy your new hairline. However, some medications are recommended to reduce the side effects like pain and infections. Proper care of sutures is also advised.

Who are the right candidates for this procedure?

When it comes to identifying the right candidates for this treatment, women have better chances than men. They naturally have better scalp elasticity than males. However, you must be in good health conditions as well before getting this treatment done. If you have good hair growth at the front hairline and have a flexible scalp, you are eligible regardless of gender. However, the surgeon will thoroughly evaluate your chances to get full advantage of this treatment. Prior to the treatment, the surgeon will also form a plan to deliver expected outcomes.

Recovery time for lowering hairline treatment

As you know that it is a surgical treatment that can derive positive outcomes. But, still, it needs some rehabilitation time that might be 2 to 3 weeks. Swelling and numbness are standard side effects of this treatment. However, the surgeon will ensure you have proper healing. You must care for the scar until stitches remove properly.


An average cost for this procedure is 8000 to 9500 dollars depending upon your specific needs.

To sum up

Lowering hairline treatment is an advanced technique that is available now. It can reduce the wide forehead to give you a natural-looking hairline. However, you must consult a board-certified surgeon. Hope this post helps you in knowing everything you want. So, schedule an appointment with your hair surgeon and get hairline lowering treatment for improved facial looks. Bear in mind the treatment is surgical and follows some side effects too.

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