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Error During Google Pay Download How To Fix Cod Mobile

by Ashish123
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I’ll be showing you guys how you can fix the google play downloader in card mobile now a lot of people have been getting this error after downloading the game some people are even getting this here randomly and I myself got this error yesterday and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty annoying I’ve actually found a way to solve this dev error 6036.

So there are two ways of fixing this google play error and uh if the first way doesn’t work the second way will absolutely work 100 so the first way is pretty simple but the second way does take a little bit of time to do I’ll be going over these two ways individually in today’s article.

Now before we talk about these two ways I just want to talk about why this error is actually happening in the first place now the reason why this error is happening is that there’s something wrong with your discord pfp file of the game.

OBB file

If you guys don’t know OBB file is like the metadata of the game and you need that file to run call of duty mobile now there are a lot of things that could go wrong with your obvi file the first one being that it isn’t even there where it’s supposed to be now it could be the case where you just downloaded the game From the google play store.

Or due to something like slow internet your obb file might be downloaded improperly so that’s why you’re getting this error I’m telling this because I just wanted to let you know the story behind this error and I just wanted to tell you guys what you’re gonna have to deal with.

But anyway let’s go ahead and talk about how you can fix this google play error using the first method of this content now the first method is pretty simple like I Said at the start of the article and it is to just delete the game and reinstall the game again.

Now you might be asking why I’m telling you to do that now the reason why I’m telling you to do that is that when you delete the game you delete all the files of the game including the obv valve and when you download the game again then you just basically download a fresh version of the game with all the new obb files.

A good internet connection

All the new apks and make sure you have A good internet connection before you try to redownload the game just so that you don’t screw up now there are a lot of people who did exactly this and it got fixed but there are a lot of people that did this.

But still, there’s the same error that they’re getting so I’d say there’s an 80 working chance of this first method of how to fix the google play error in card mobile this is what I did and it fixed everything for me.

But I do know people that just deleted the game And then installed it back again but it still didn’t work so for those people I’ve got you step number two or method number two I guess you could say and again like I said this method is a little bit time consuming compared to the first one so you do need a little bit more time to do this method.

Let me go ahead and show you guys what y.ou need to do in order to do this method so let me go ahead and go on my phone and I’ll see you guys there alright guys so for The second step, uh what do you need to do is you need to go to this website and I’ll leave the link down in the description and once you’re in this website you just want to click on this button over here and download the obb.

Download the obb

I already downloaded it so I don’t need to download it again so after you download the obb you just want to go to your storage and you want to go to uh where it’s downloaded so for me it’s on on the downloads folder so let me just go ahead and go there and uh so there it is so after you download the file uh it’s gonna look like something like this.

So uh what you wanna do is you’re gonna select it and you wanna click on move and you’re gonna move this file to android uh and then you want to go to obb and you want to move it over here.


So as you guys can see i just moved that file over here and let’s go ahead and see if our call of duty mobile actually works Or not go ahead and open it and see if it works and as you guys can see it’s loading and there we go guys there’s no error or anything like that and it’s working perfectly fine and yeah so that’s how you do it so the first step didn’t work for you then this step is going to work for sure.

So that was the second step of how you can fix the google play error in cod Mobile so let me tell you guys what you need to do again you need to go to the link in the description and you want to download the obv file from that link and you want to go ahead and copy that obb file actually instead of copying it.

Just move it to the obb folder which you can find in the android folder of your internal storage and once you move it there then you’re going to be good to go you can actually fire up the game and just start playing and again.

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