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Eliminate Pet Odors from Your Home!

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Eliminate Pet Odors from Home

Our tips for keeping an interior that does not smell like dogs

You love your pets, playing with them, petting them, and taking them out. But you would do without the bad odors they leave behind throughout your home! It’s hard to control where your dog or cat lies down after going outside, especially when you’re not around. Discover all our tips to prevent your interior from smelling like wet dogs.

Regularly clean your house

It’s a self-evident trick. To prevent bad odors from permeating all over your home, you should vacuum every day or every other day. But this is not enough. You will have to clean the rugs and carpets once a week as well as the covers of your sofa if your pet climbs on it.

Sprinkle the fabrics with baking soda and leave for a few hours or overnight. Then vacuum the powder which will have absorbed the odors and will leave your furniture clean and healthy. Just take care that your animals do not ingest bicarbonate. Be sure to empty your vacuum cleaner regularly so that odors do not linger in the filter or in the bag.

Don’t forget to clean your pets’ accessories. Cushions, baskets, toys, cat tree, litter box… Everything must go through it once a week to prevent odors from spreading throughout your home. Put the baskets and cushions in the washing machine, clean the litter box with plenty of water and rub the plastic toys with white vinegar to get rid of your pets’ drool, which can smell bad.

Wash your animals and don’t forget to dry them!

Animals, especially large dogs, also need to take a shower from time to time to get rid of accumulated dirt on their skin and in their hair. A good shampoo once a month minimum helps to limit bad odors.

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Above all, remember to dry your pet after bathing. When wet, the dog releases a strong odor due to sebum, bacteria, and dirt present on its skin. It’s a bit like sweating. By drying his hair, you limit the proliferation of bacteria and therefore the resulting bad odors.

If, despite regular bathing, the dog odor persists on your faithful companion’s coat, consult a veterinarian. It may be a sign of skin disease. Above all, do not use perfume. It would only cover the smell and you risk irritating the skin of your favorite pet.

Make a natural odor killer for your home

Forget the chemical air fresheners that only pollute your interior a little more. Prepare a mixture of water, baking soda, lemon juice, and orange or lemon peel. Bring everything to a boil, wait for the mixture to cool, and pour it into a spray bottle to deodorize your entire house.

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