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Neon symptoms and signs are an awesome way to draw activity to your storefront, business, or hotel. A vivid and colorful big difference toward the nighttime sky, neon lights will seize the eye of passers-by and encourage greater human beings to go to your business.

Whether you’re interested in neon signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms as an advertising and marketing and advertising and marketing strategy or with a special piece of paintings for your home, you first desire to mirror on consideration on the rate and energy consumption of neon lights.

So, previously than you get excited about the big vary of colors, designs, and patterns neon signs and symptoms come in, let’s first get to grips with the cost.

Did you understand that LED neon signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms are significantly extra cost-efficient to buy and run than the fundamental glass signs?

You can even create your custom-made diagram on our custom-made neon signal page.


Energy consumption is essential, especially if you’re going for walks a business. Nothing is investing in a large neon signal that costs a small fortune to run every night. Custom-made neon signs and symptoms can be expensive, relying on your design, size, and specifications, and the increased your neon light, the extra it will price to trade on at night.

Calculate The Running Cost Of A Neon Light

To measure your neon sign’s electricity consumption, you’ll first want to mum or dad out the ratio of watts used per foot of the neon tube. This depends upon the kind of transformer that has been used to make the neon sign and the shade of the neon tube, Get your own Neon Signs by visiting Custom Neon Signs UK which is made by way of the use of the utilization of specific neon gas.

  • Work out the wattage used by way of the neon moderate transformer and convert this determine into kilowatts.
  • Multiply this figure with the useful resource of the number of hours the neon slight will be on.
  • Multiply this vary by using way of your common electrical energy fee per kWh.

You simply favor to comply with this convenient equation:

Transformer wattage of your neon signal = A kilowatts

A kilowatts x (number of hours the mild will be on) =B

B x 365 days = C

C x (average electrical electricity rate per kWh) = D

D = Neon mild power consumption

So, if we decide to calculate a purple neon sign that has a transformer wattage of 95watts of energy and will be on for 10 hours a night, and our electrical energy fee is 16.3 kWh, we would calculate this in the following way:

95 watts = 0.095 kilowatts

0.095 kilowatts x 10 hours a day = 0.95 kWh

0.95 kWh x 365 = 346.75

346.75  x 14 cent kWh = 4854.5 cent OR $48.545

Ideally, you’ll desire to have your Neon sign-on for the duration of the night, which will be around 12 hours at a time.

However, to be even more energy-efficient, you ought to sincerely depart your neon sign on all the time, day and night, to extend its lifespan.

LED Neon Signs

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Although you would perchance suppose LED signs and symptoms and signs are increased energy-efficient than neon lights, they may additionally no longer furnish you with the preferred have an impact when it comes to attracting attention.

It’s actual that LED symptoms many times use much less electrical energy than neon tubes, which is high-quality if you select to save money, however, neon signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms will cease to outshine a modern LED light.

If you have an LED sign on for 12 hours a day, it will use up around 3.5 kWh per year, which is a long way lots much less electricity than neon tubes, however, to get that dramatic have an effect on neon lights, appear to be for an LED neon sign hybrid.

At Neon Mama, we specialize in LED neon symptoms and signs made with top-class first-class and eco-friendly LED neon piping.

Designed to be ultra-bright, our neon signs and symptoms come with a free brightness dimmer to furnish you with complete administration when it comes to your storefront sign. Visit Neon Vibes UK to know more about Custom Neon Signs. So whether or not you decide on your LED neon sign on for 12 hours per day or 24/7, you can have self-belief in our craftsmanship to provide you with the consequences you want.


If you’re an industrial employer proprietor searching for a budget-friendly storefront sign, you may have moreover come through fluorescent lights.

When you consider a fluorescent moderate to neon, LED neon symptoms and signs and symptoms are a way higher surroundings pleasant and effective.

Fluorescent bulbs devour up to 50 percent extra electrical energy than the latest neon slight and can use up to 70-kilowatt hours per 12 months when on for 12 hours per day.

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