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Divorce Mediation: What Should I Bring and Preparations to Do?

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Divorce Mediation

In many cases, the parties can agree to a settlement out of court. Depending on the complexity of the case, the court may schedule a settlement conference or even mediation. In a mediation, the two parties and their attorneys can work out a deal that is mutually beneficial. These sessions can save time and money. This article will go over the steps involved in a divorce mediation. However, it is important to understand the different options available to you.

The first step is to file the divorce petition. It will include information about the other spouse and will show that the two parties are in agreement. If the respondent files a response, a court hearing is avoided, which will delay the process and cost the couple more. If the responding spouse does not file a response within 30 days, the petitioner may ask for default. In this case, the responding spouse will dispute the information in the petition.

The second step is to file a response to the divorce petition. The response from the other spouse indicates that both parties have agreed to divorce. This will prevent a hearing, which will delay the process and cost more money. If the respondent does not file a reply, the petitioner can request a default. This will result in a divorce without a court hearing. If the responding spouse does not file a response, the petitioner can request a default, which will result in the separation of the parties.

Divorce can be an emotional process for you and your spouse. It takes time to pick yourself and start again. Negativity between partners cannot do anything, especially when you have children. A husband and wife must ensure that they’re the top priority.

Hence, rather than draining your energy and finances into fighting, why not meet halfway?

Contrary to the long, traditional way, you might consider divorce mediation.

Defining Divorce Mediation

Family dispute resolution (FDR) practitioners allow the couple to talk about practical issues in divorce mediation. They are neutral and trained to bridge the gap between couples. When tension arises, they’re there to compromise and offer suggestions. It is also crucial to understand that they aren’t the ones who will create solutions. Instead, guide the soon to be ex-spouses.

Here are the following items to include in your divorce mediation checklist:

  • Contact Details: provide a list of contact persons. It includes family members and professionals;
  • Court Documents: bring the court’s required documents; 
  • Assets, Debts, and Other Marital Property: list down your properties and financial liabilities;
  • Financial Statements: compile financial documentary files;
  • Key Topics: prepare the topics you want to discuss;
  • Calm and Sound Well-Being: take a good sleep, eat your meal, and relax before the actual mediation; and 
  • Patience: do not let your emotions and feelings come first.

Preparing Yourself for Divorce Mediation

If you’re asking a, these things can help:

Demand for All

Divorce mediation is a platform to listen to each other’s side. It is a better picture than demanding this or those on the court. The mediator will assist of both you in answering the why questions. Yet, honesty matters in this process. So, be true to yourself and everyone.

Organizing Financial Information

The mediation process asks the couple to disclose their financial info. Such include your assets, debts, and income information. 

You and your partner will answer the fill-up forms and bring other relevant documents. Thus, beforehand, collect and compile everything you need for the mediation.

Kids First

Divorce gets more complicated if there are children. As parents, keep your egos low and plan for their future. Many are at stake revolving around this concern, so be a responsible mother and father.

Hire the Best Divorce Mediator

Choose a family mediator who both of you can trust. A good mediator has the traits to keep emotions at bay. Moreover, he helps partners deal with sensitive and personal issues.

For trusted and reliable family mediation, connect with Mediate FDR. Contact us through calls at (048) 131 1123. You may also send your inquiry via email at [email protected] or through our contact page.


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