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Different Ways to Protect Expensive Wooden Furniture While Intercity Relocation

by Monali Swain
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Protect Expensive Wooden Furniture While Intercity Relocation

Moving from one place to another requires a lot of patience and stamina. You cannot start shifting things at the stroke of dawn and finish it by the daybreak. It doesn’t happen like that. You need proper planning and execution of that plan to ensure that all your belongings stay safe and reach the destination safely.

You may have to shift places due to a variety of reasons. During that shifting, it is quite natural for the items to face wear and tear. This can cause the items to degrade in value or make them useless for further use. Especially the expensive, wooden furniture can get damaged easily. Taking help from professional movers and packers will make things easier by decreasing the relocation stress. You must prioritize the shifting to be safe and secure. When it comes to bulky items, you will require a lot of help that you can get. The lifting, moving, and packing of such items require you to plan everything beforehand and get the helping hands for this purpose.

If you don’t want your expensive wooden furniture getting scratched or damaged during the move, then you need to invest time and money in getting the right packer and mover for the Bangalore to Chennai shifting. You should also prepare the furniture for the shift, even before the movers arrive so that, the items can be wrapped quickly and sent away on the carrier. Check out a few things that you can do to prepare the furniture for the move.

Ways to Pack and Protect Expensive Furniture During the Relocation

Gather All the Packing Materials you need

The first thing that you need for preparing the furniture during the relocation is to gather packing materials. If you have the right kind of packing materials ready for securing them, your work will become much easier. Hence, making the shift simpler for you.

For packing the expensive, wooden furniture, you will need the right packing materials for shifting them. The shrink wrap or the plastic stretch can be used for providing the first layer of covering to the item. For more protection, you can use cardboard boxes, packing tapes, etc.

  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sofa & mattress covers
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Heavy-duty packing tape
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets, and
  • Padding supplies

You can get all these things when you visit a wholesale market for such kinds of things. You can get cardboard boxes for free and that would be enough to pack the edges of the expensive furniture. Get these for affordable rates when you buy them from wholesale markets. With the help of these things, you will be able to pack these items carefully and that would make sure they don’t get damaged during the transportation. And it’s the quality of the materials that decide how long they will hold together. Your mover will do his best to cover the items but you making the effort to keep it safe will pay back brilliantly.

Preparing the Furniture for Packing

You would be wondering as to why you need to prepare the furniture for packing. After all, you are going to cover everything up then why should you prepare it for the packing. Treat it properly so that, when they are shipped the dirt can’t cause scratches.

When you have dirt particles or moisture on the surface of the fine wooden furniture, it can cause it to get scratched or rot. You don’t even know how long will it take to reach the destination. Till then keep it tightly covered without preparing it well, you will find it problematic. So, you need to prepare the furniture for the packing purpose. How to do it?

Using a microfibre cloth wipe the surface clean. For this, you can use a light surface cleaning product and with the help of a microfibre cloth, you can wipe the items clean. This you must do before packing with the shrink or bubble wrap.

You must also remove all the removable items such as casters, handles, and knobs carefully. Also, place lighter items inside the drawers so that you can use them as safe storage. Just make sure you clean the insides of the drawers properly of dust and debris.

Disassembling of the Furniture

The best technique to shift bulky and heavy furniture is to disassemble it. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to help with the dismantling. Carefully remove the washers, and screws using the proper tools. Keep these smaller items in a Ziploc pouch. If you lose them then getting the new set will be troublesome.

Dismantling them will make things easy to carry and transport. In case you are planning to move bigger furniture, it will be best to disassemble them by yourself or wait for the movers to do it for you. Packing them separately would reduce the risk of damaging the stuff. For doing this the right way you need to follow simple steps.

Read the manual properly, and you would know how to dismantle the item step by step. If you follow the steps you will be able to put the stuff back by following the instructions. Add Ziploc pouches to the list of packing items so that, you can put all the tiny items of one piece of furniture and put them all together. Remember to label it clearly so that you don’t mix it with others.

You can either take the picture of the steps of dismantling or keep the manual ready with the parts of the furniture. If nothing else you can call the expert to put everything back together. Doing so will make your shift so much simpler.

Place furniture strategically

Most people make the mistake of planning things up at the last moment and have to rush things up. If you are thinking of stacking the furniture one over another, then that would be one big mistake. The packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai emphasize placing all the items strategically as that keeps them intact during the move. You may ask the moving company to help out with it and make things so much easier for you.


It requires utmost patience and better management skills to relocate the furniture from one place to another.  The furniture relocation needs to be done properly or your furniture may end up broken or disfigured. Instead of causing your furniture serious damages, it is best to hand over this to professionals. They will help you to prepare well and guide you through the process of shifting things systematically. Most of the time you won’t have to worry about anything as they take care of everything even before they tell you.

The tips mentioned above are just the cream of the milk, to know more you will have to contact professional packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai intercity relocation. This way you won’t have to worry a bit about the safety of your furniture and your things will arrive at the destination soundly.

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