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Different Types of Contact Center You Should Know Now

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The call center industry is no longer what it used to be around a decade back. It has faced tremendous upgrades in every aspect, be it with technology, sophistication, dedication to customer satisfaction, service portfolio, etc.


One example of the massive upgrade that we see in 2022 as compared to 2012 is the implementation of chatbots. Even IVR technology has become a lot more sophisticated than it used to be a decade back. It can now capture voice commands on call and bring out relevant information and options.


At the moment, there are various types of contact centers that businesses can outsource to. And the sole purpose of this piece of content is to talk about these upgraded forms of the outbound and inbound call centers in the United States or any other city. Let’s get started!



Inbound contact centers are the most popular branches of the BPO sector. In fact, if you consider by volume, the services of any inbound call center in the United States or globally are much more significant. The entire customer communications, satisfaction, and brand reputation depend on this aspect.


The major role of an American contact center for the inbound process is to receive calls from customers or prospects and resolve their complaints and answer their queries. Now, there are multiple facets of an inbound call center that deserve to be talked about, including the


  1. Sophistication of IVR
  2. Use of KPI metrics
  3. Using analytical data


  • Outbound Contact Center


Outbound contact center outsourcing is not as popular as an inbound call center in the United States. Over the years, compliance, restrictions, and regulations have become stricter. Not calling or disturbing directories have made the existing on-call outbound sales and marketing extremely challenging.


However, there are various other ways how outbound contact centers function, including email marketing, text messages, social media and search engine promotions, etc.


  • Multi-channel Contact Center


Offering multi-channel customer service is one of the perks that most modern-day BPO companies excel at. The most important role of a multi-channel BPO service is to cast a wide net for the target audience. With such means of communication and marketing, your brand can get better exposure by reaching out to a greater number of people.


Moreover, since multi-channel is applicable to both inbound and outbound, BPO companies implement various customer communication and promotional campaigns on various platforms to extract maximum reach.


The Ending Note


BPO companies have been at the forefront of various industries, especially when it comes to managing communications. However, what deserves a note is that modern-day American contact centers are very different from the traditional outbound and inbound call centers. The major distinctive facts is that play in the backdrop are the advancement in technology and the employment of agents and representatives with better skills.


With such an advanced face to work with, BPO companies have become a major necessity for businesses of every business sector. And there isn’t a single service that BPO companies don’t have in their portfolio, especially if it is about customer interaction and communication.


So go ahead discuss with your board members the feasibility of outsourcing your business-customer communication to a contact center. It will surely draw loads of advantages for your brand.

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