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Different time period for jewelry development


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During the Neolithic period, about 8,000 to 9,000 years ago, some beautiful and hard jade stones, such as jasper, agate, obsidian and quartz, were carved with holes and simple and plain ornaments to make ornaments. Jewelrykg

These ornaments are carved with many beautiful patterns and have a distinctive decorative meaning. The Yangshao culture site, Majiayao culture site, Dawenkou culture site, Longshan culture site, Hemudu culture site and Songze culture site have unearthed a large number of bone hairpin, stone hairpin, jade hairpin and other exquisite carvings. This fully shows that people at that time have begun to use these ornaments very commonly. In addition, earrings, penannular pieces and neck ornaments made of ivory, white jade, turquoise, etc. were also common, and many of them were also carved with very beautiful ornaments. All these show that jewelry had a very important position in social life at that time and reached a fairly popular degree. A large number of excavated artifacts also fully reflect the high production technology and good aesthetic ability of our ancestors in this period.

During the thousands of years of change, with the development of productivity and people’s aesthetic consciousness, jewelry making also had a continuous process of progress and development. At the same time, jewelry has been given more symbolic meaning of wealth and status in its properties.

During the ancient Red Mountain period, the Xiliao River basin was rich in vegetation and water, and there were abundant aquatic creatures such as turtles, frogs, fish and mussels, etc. Therefore, the first totem of water worship was created, which was an aquatic creature. The last collection is “dragon”. In addition to its hardness, jade has too many characteristics similar to water, such as transparency, warmth, coolness and purity. Only jade has the characteristics of the two best things on the earth, although water is spiritual but cannot become an artifact, and rocks are shaped but do not have the spirituality of water. Therefore, it is most appropriate to be chosen by the priests and shamans to serve the gods. In addition, the luster of jade has the same characteristics as sunlight, so that the spirit of the earth is in harmony with the sky to please the gods in the sky, and finally achieve the ideal state of unity of heaven, earth, gods and people.

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