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Detailed Guide on Amazon Product Targeting

by Mathew Johnson
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Does your business advertise its products by using Sponsored Display or Sponsored Products advertisements?

If you’re interested, read on because the two types of ads offer your company access to targeted product advertising and an Amazon advertisement targeting option that can be used to increase awareness, consideration and even sales.

What is Amazon product targeting?

Targeting products on Amazon is an option for targeting for advertisers who are able to sponsor Display or Advertisements that are Sponsored Products ads.

With the help of product targeting, you can have your ads be displayed when someone browses certain categories of listings or categories that are similar to the product you’re advertising.

Ways you can use Amazon product targeting

Target big brands for maximum exposure

Are you looking to increase brand recognition? Consider focusing on large brands that target their products.

As compared to smaller companies they will attract more customers to their site on Amazon This means you are more likely to have your product noticed by the people who are in your target market.

Price is among the main reasons that drive buyers to look for a different store.

It’s the reason that experts in the field of selling on Amazon will apply targeting of their products to compete with those who have higher prices.

Study the competition and make a list of ASINs with prices that are higher than yours.

Promote products against listings with lower ratings

You could also use your price targeting strategy to create reviews.

Also, if they see products with poor scores or no reviews it’s more likely that they’ll seek out alternatives.

Make use of this behavior to your advantage, and then promote your product in these categories.

Optimize costs with child categories vs. parent categories

The targeting of broad categories for parents like “Home & Kitchen,” typically comes at a higher cost and a low ROAS. 

It’s the reason it’s more effective to target specific categories for children such as “Cold Brew Coffee Makers,” by using Amazon advertising targeting.

Launch promotions against full-price competitor products

What else can you do to use targeted product advertising on Amazon? Start your next campaign and then use targeting on products to advertise against other full-price products.

This tactic is a fantastic strategy to be competitive with rivals who are selling similar products to yours.

Cross-sell against products frequently bought together

You could also make use of the information from your Amazon reports to support your product-targeting strategy.

If you’re a member in the Amazon Brand Registry, you can utilize Market Basket Analysis to see the products that people purchase together the most frequently.

Based on the data, you can cross-sell your products through advertising on your product listings.

Check out the pages of competing products and also check out the “Frequently bought together” section.

Then, you can target these ASINs for your products when creating Your Sponsored Display, or sponsored Products advertisements.

Lower ACoS with negative keyword targeting

When you use product targeting in Amazon advertisements, you can use specific ASINs to create negative keywords that will assist your company in reducing the cost of advertising of Sale (ACoS). Calculate your ACoS using the SellerApp’s Amazon ACoS Calculator.

Focus ads on top-performing product listings

Promoting the top-performing listings of your products is the best way to go about any kind of advertising promotion on Amazon.

This is why you should make use of product targeting to help you sell your top-selling products instead of focussing your efforts on the lowest-selling items.

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