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Cloud Contact centre Differ From On-Premise Call centres

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Cloud contact centre service providers in India

Often, when companies decide to leverage call centres for their business, one confusion that pops up is whether to go for on-premise call centre solutions or cloud call centres. With a lot of unnecessary information, deciding which one to choose becomes conflicting. Also, making the decision isn’t easy as many people aren’t aware of the differences between on-premise & cloud telephony solutions catering to the business. This article will give you a crisp idea and vision of the differences between on-premise and cloud call centres.

What are on-premise call centre solutions?

These are traditional hardware-based call centres that reside with the organisation’s premise. All its hardware, servers, networking, and software reside within the organisation and require periodic maintenance. Since all the different elements associated with the call centre solution stay on-site at the organisation’s perimeter, chances of security threats and damages by natural calamities might increase. It also requires costly dedicated communication servers. The IT department of the organisation is responsible for the installation, maintenance, security, integration, and up-keeping of the overall system, its server, and networks.

What are cloud telephony solutions?

Cloud telephony solutions are cloud-based services that handle all customer communications. Since the entire call centre service presides over the cloud, scalability and flexibility are its characteristic features. Call centre agents can connect to such systems from anywhere. Also, the business does not have to buy additional hardware (network and dedicated servers) to support such a call centre system. It reduces the on-site security threats, which might happen from physical breaches or damage from natural calamities. Also, companies do not have to keep a team dedicated to managing the servers or setting up the call centre system within the premises. The company will buy the service from the cloud telephony providers in India & can easily set up and activate the system for use. Such service also caters to state-of-the-art multichannel communication means such as voice, chat, text messages, email, etc., to contact the customers and allow the customer to reach the business. Knowlarity is a cloud telephony provider in India that provides cloud-based call centre services.


Cloud call centre vs. On-premise call centres –

Cloud contact centre On-premise call centres
Cloud telephony solutions take less time to market, easy to set up and activate. It reduces the essential business time and raises the business productivity on the same day the company purchases the service. On-premise call centres need time to install, set up, and integrate with the organisation’s network and dedicated servers. Such a system is time-consuming and requires a few days to assemble it fully operational.
It does not require an additional workforce (IT department, server guy, network professionals, etc.) to set up the infrastructure for call centres. It requires a lot of additional workforces who set up the entire infrastructure on-site.
It does not require additional hardware or maintenance costs. It requires upfront hardware cost, along with licensing and dedicated on-site servers.
It is more scalable as the entire call centre system resides on top of cloud technology. It is less scalable as the company needs to buy additional servers and networking equipment to scale the system.
It requires less cost. It is more expensive.
Cloud telephony solutions are reliable and provide a stable connection and call quality. Customers do not experience call lag. On-premise call centre systems require time-to-time maintenance so that they can deliver stable connection and call quality.
It experiences minimal scope of failure. It experiences high scope of failure.
It is more flexible as it leverages cloud technology which supports the pay-as-you-go consumption model. It is less flexible compared to cloud-based call centre systems.
System upgrades take place in real-time. It is because the entire system gets remotely served by the cloud. System and technology upgrades take more as a dedicated team of IT and other hardware professionals are responsible for doing this.


Conclusion –

We hope this article has given you a crisp idea of the difference between cloud telephony solutions and on-premise call centre systems. Knowlarity is a leading cloud telephony provider in India that caters to cloud-based call centre solutions that provide agent’s performance insight and enhance caller experience.

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