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Chinmaya mudra method, benefits, and precautions

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Chinmaya mudra method, benefits, and precautions

Chinmaya Mudra:

Today we will give you information about Chinmaya mudra. Because very few people know about this posture. Because of this very few people practice this asana, but let us tell you that if you practice Chinmaya mudra, then it benefits you a lot. About which we will give you information below.

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What is chinmaya mudra?

Chinmaya means manifested consciousness. In other words, the physical world visible to us has arisen from the underlying consciousness. The four fingers folded in this mudra reveal the limited side of the world. The clenched fist represents the skin, darkness, and unconsciousness of the material world.

The thumb pointing forward symbolizes consciousness and the future aspect of our existence, which is all-pervading. Often it is considered different in the physical world. But in reality, the world of manifestation and consciousness are inseparable. Consciousness is pervasive everywhere in the world, that is to say, the multiple worlds have an intimate relationship with consciousness. This is indicated by the touch between the index finger and the thumb.

Method of doing Chinmaya Mudra –

The method of doing Chinmaya mudra is quite simple. Anyone can do this mudra easily. Therefore, below we are going to tell about the simplest method of doing Chinmaya mudra in this article.

  • First of all, join the tip of the thumb and forefinger.
  • Now bend the three straight fingers in such a way that their forearms either touch the palms or at least point the palms.
  • Touch the index finger and the front part of the thumb or keep the tip of the index finger pressed to the root part of the thumb.
  • Both the conditions are true. Keep the palms facing upward or downward on the knees.

Benefits of Chinmaya Mudra –

Talking about the benefits of Chinmaya mudra, there are many benefits of doing this mudra. But few people know about it. Therefore, the information about the benefits of this mudra is given in detail below.

  • The biggest advantage of doing this mudra is that if you feel restless from the inside, it removes the restlessness of your mind and calms the mind.
  • If you are addicted to drugs, then with regular practice of Chinmaya mudra you can get rid of addiction.
  • Practicing this mudra proves to be very beneficial for children as well, as it enhances knowledgeability and concentration in children.
  • If someone has mental diseases like insanity, irritability, mania, anger, depression, epilepsy, depression, etc., then this asana proves to be beneficial to a great extent in getting rid of all these.
  • This mudra is also a symbol of yoga. The meaning is the assertion that the individual is inseparable from consciousness and is related to it.

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Side Effects of Chinmaya Mudra –

When it comes to the disadvantages of this mudra, then for your information, let us tell you that there is no problem or harm by practicing this mudra. Therefore, you can practice this asana without any problem.

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